Woooohooo Room Discounts!


I was thrilled to see they discounted room rates for Jan-Feb. I called yesterday and got them to apply it to our Feb reservation, and it saved us close to $300. Made my day!


How does that work? I have booked the Free Dining Package in January…would they apply these discounts to me even though I am getting a special deal with the free dining?


No you can only have one or the other. The free dinning is based on a non-discounted room. There are different levels of saving for the levels of resort. Value ranges from 20-25% off and deluxe are up to 35% off. you do not save on food or ticket.
I told my friend about the free dinning and since they are going down in a group of 6 adults and 2 children they are saving $1000.00 so the food is still a great deal. Room is good if you are not going to eat their food even if it was free.


Aprilandthekids it is great that you were able to get the discount. I know the food one really works for us and for the next couple of years if I could take advantage of the kids stay and play free then I would.


The discount comes off a room only reservation. So if you have a dining plan or any other package it won’t qualify. The week we’re going isn’t one of the dates for free dining so we were able to get the room discount.


I would love to book this, and then add the dining plan when I got there… It would work easier that way… Of course, i wish i was going at all…


Something to keep in mind, if I’m not mistaken you can’t add the dining plan at the resort, I’m sure it needs to be added before or at your final payment.


The dinning plan needs to be added before the trip. I was told that you could not add it if there was less then 4 days before a trip. So if you decided to go tomorrow then you would not be able to have the meal plan if you wanted it.