WooooHoooo - ALICEFAN'S May Trip in the Works!


Since we had to cancel our January trip we have been trying to figure out what to do about going back to WDW. We ALWAYS go in the Fall and still will but we wanted to do a shorter “in-between” trip to see how that goes and possibly start buying AP’s. We have friends to visit in Florida now also - in Cape Coral…so I am waiting to hear back from WDWJeff about reservations for Old Key West. We rented points from him and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dates we want are available - well, I will make makeself a countdown calendar anyway just to make myself feel good and send gooD Kharma!! And so, this is the beginning of my Pre-Trip Report :mickey: I picked the 2nd week in May based on what a lot of you here said about that time as far as weather and crowd levels, so Thank You ALL!!! :mickey: :wub: :mickey: :wub:


Great news Paula. You picked a great week. I’m sorry you couldn’t do the third week in January, and I hope everything goes well with your MIL.

I didn’t notice your counter, but don’t forget to make some ADR’s when your 180 days out.


And now I see that you’re less than 180, so get on that phone. Go ahead. Your’re on vacation this week, what are you waiting for? Start dialing.


Great news!
May is only 4 short months away!


You’ll be there before you know it!!! I bet you’re so excited!


So, when are we gonna get more details/!? huh??? When!?!



HEY - I started planning before you did - how do you get to go first?


YAY! Congrats! May used to be one of my favorite times to go!!!



I am glad to hear that the trip is starting to come together! I do reserve the right to be jealous… :tongue:


Yippee!!! I’m so happy for you…jealous for me…but HAPPY for you!


YAY!!! May is a great time to go…and see ME! tee hee
Can’t wait to see you :mickey:


Okay - so the first thing on my agenda is:

Visiting Tessa!!! Yay!!!


May sounds like a terrific time to go to WDW! Lucky girl!


that’s great news alicefan. what a way to end the year by planning a trip to WDW. how cool is that!


Hey Paula, that’s cool… I’m going to be there in early May too… Maybe we’ll cross paths…

I figured that since this is your “trip in the works” thread that I’d give you a pointer. When riding Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, don’t forget to actually USE the gun… :laugh:


I challenge you to a BLSRS-off if we are in WDW at the same time - then maybe I can hit you in the head with a magical flying shoe in person! :tongue:


That’s the only way you could beat me… I’m an excellent Space Ranger… :wink:


But you have military training - NOT fair! :tongue:


All is fair in love and war with tiny little replicas of a toy that came to life and fought another toy who was his nemesis in the toy world but has also come to life in the real world and revealed that he was the other toys father and they played ball together which doesn’t really make sense because on the Buzz Lightyear ride they are still arch enemies and fight all the time by shooting lasers at each other to win points…that I’m gonna beat you at…by the way… out…of…breath… :wink:


We’re kicking around the idea of going to WDW instead of Jamaica.(see signature) May is our 25th wedding anniversary.It might be cool to see us two old farts running around Disney World :tongue:


OK…HUH??? :huh: