A word of caution if you are attending MNSSHP this year. I read on another site that The Dwarf Mine Train will be closed on those event nights. Along with BTMRR and Splash (down for maintenance). The cost is going up and at least 3 big major attractions will not be running.


Disney has since then added 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. I read somewhere that so many people were complaining, a “ticket” was open to review and next thing you know, it’s listed on their web site to be included on rides open. BTMRR hasn’t been added on yet, so not sure why that isn’t being included. Maybe because Splash is down for refurbishment, they can kind of close up that whole area.



I saw the same thing the other day Beth. Glad they added Dwarfs back on. Hoping for BTMRR to be added back also. You had an excellent point that with Splash down for refirb, that they might just close that area down. Sad, but a possibility.