Working in secret to get ready for our trip


First off we are going to be staying at ASMovies from Oct 24-31 with a possible one night addition depending on how things work out for us.
I have been working on this now for a couple of months without either of our two DD knowing what it up. they are 6 and 8.
When I made the reservations I did upgrade from the quick service to the regular meal plan so we could take advatage of table service.

our itenary for this trip so far is.

Oct 23rd leave home in the late afternoon for a 14hour drive plus stop time.
Oct 24th arrive at ASM downtime to rest from the drive, Mickey backyard BBQ and either MK or Epcot for fireworks.
Oct25- open day not sure which park or the Ocean and then a park. do have 1900 Park Fair res. for 9:10A.M.
Oct.26- MK bright and early with CP res. for 9:20
Oct. 27th sleep in and do 1900 park fair for a late breakfest 10am res.(will do one and cance the other closer to date) with either a quick visit to AK or early arrival at MK for MNSSHP (tickets bought last night)
Oct28th- Epcot
Oct 29th- H.S. perhaps fantasmic
Oct 30th - Epcot with 5:15 dinner res for Akersus
Oct 31st - breakfest at Ohanas and either another joyful day at Disney or a long relaxing drive home without having to be in a hurry for the girls the next day for school and the DW for the daycare(unless she decides to close it one more day) if we stay one more day that puts us driving it all back in one day.

Well right now I am still trying to figure out how to break the news to the girls and when. giving it a lot of thought.

All I know is I can’t wait for it to be here and will be so sad when it is past.


You forgot about dressing up for the ride home! It’s HALLOWEEN.


I know the only thing for our vacation that totally bites is that right now we will be driving back on halloween. I want to extend the vacation one day but the DW does not want to drive it all in one day back she wants to stop at here sisters house in TN for the night. I want to see about getting a room for one night at WL and just let the kids have fun at the pool if it is warm enough and then do the evening at Epcot or H.S. or even DTD.
My DW is in the process now of getting halloween outfits for MNSSHP for the girls. Or in the very least a good halloween type outfit for that night.


That sounds like soo much fun! I say you only live once stay in Disney for Halloween you and the DW can take turns driving home!


It’s Halloween and they are 6 and 8. You have to do Halloween somewhere!!!


Well the jig is up the secret is out. the girls where just to smart and it did not help that they seen the big envelope with luggage tags and reservation info in it when they got home from school. but I did get a big hug with your the greatest Dad from them.

Our plan since some have question about us leaving on Halloween is to stop at her sisters house for Halloween night so the girls can spend it with and do the halloween stuff with there cousins that are few years older.

In the packet today I had a photopass card and it said on the page I need to pre reg. it so I can get discounts. Does anyone know what type of discounts?


I don’t know anything about the discounts, can you look it up on the photopass site?

I bet you are relieved to have the secret out. I can never keep our trips a secret!


Well our Mnsshp tickets arrived today in the mail. there was one pair the same and one mickey and one minnie on the ticket…I am so looking forward to going for many reasons for one I get more than one day in a row off.
Right now we are only getting one day a week off at work we are soooo back ordered and short staffed right now. good news is they are trying to hire 20people for my department alone. but it takes a minimum of 6weeks training to turn a employee somewhat loose unsupervised bythemselves.