Working on Dining Schedule


I am working on my dining schedule for our Sept. trip and I wanna make sure it sounds good before I make ADRs. Note: I have our days split between the parks and a break to the room in the middle of the day.

Monday September 15 Travel Day :laugh:
Lunch: Roaring Forks
Dinner: ADR Whispering Canyon

Tuesday September 16 MK Day
Breakfast in room
Lunch MK Counter Service (Village House?)
Dinner ADR Chef Mickey’s

Wednesday September 17 Hollywood Studios day
Breakfast in Room
Lunch ADR Play n Dine at Hollywood and Vine
Dinner ADR Sci-Fi Dine in Theatre

Thursday September 18 AK Day
Breakfast ADR Boma
Dinner CS at Grand Floridian (to see that resort & electrical water pagent & to use up CS credit)

Friday September 19 EPCOT Day
Breakfast in Room
Dinner: ADR Coral Reef

Saturday September 20 DTD day
Breakfast in Room
Lunch: Earl of Sandwich
Dinner: Ty at Cubs Den Rob and Myself Artist Point? Flying Fish Cafe? LeCellier? (not using plan we will pay for this meal)

Sunday September 21 Home :crying:
1 CS Left on plan

Any other ideas, suggestions etc are greatly appreciated.



Eat a CS breakfast somewhere! Don’t go home with one! :happy:


Your choices look good. You haven’t put too many big meals in and you have a nice mix of restaurants as well–good job!


Lisa- I recommend Artist Point very highly!!! It is a “must do” for us. Do pay oop since it would take two TS credits. Also- Le Celiier is a must do!! Le Cellier is only 1 credit, by the way. Since you will be making your ADRs soon, I’ll bet you will be able to get a Le Cellier ressie. Given the choice, I’d pick Le Cellier over Coral Reef.


we wont. I am just gonna play that one by ear and see if we can squeeze a meal in at a park or if we are just gonna have to eat at Roaring Forks again.



Great plans with excellent choices!


I know I would rather try Le Cellier before Coral Reef but Ty LOVES fish, sharks etc. Sigh…what we give up for our kids! :blush:



I understand! Seeing his face will be worth the sacrifice!! Le Cellier will be there when he gets older.:happy:


Your plans look really great. Be sure to space the times right for your MGM day. Try to make your lunch at h&V early and your dinner at sci fi late…both have tons of food and you are going to be SO stuffed…lol


they sound yummy


Thank you. I will do that. Maybe we will have a very light breakfast (if anything) in the room and have the 1st seating for lunch.

Thanks again!



I have decided on Artist Point for our adult meal. I figured it has great reviews, it is in the same hotel as Cubs Den in case Ty has a problem being left alone and does not adjust (but I highly doubt it b/c he loves school) then we plan on park hopping and hitting the rides we can not go on with Ty so it makes sense to start from home base.

Again, thanks everyone for your help, I am so lucky to have this place to help me. Now just 2 weeks til I can make my ADR’s! Woo Hoo!



those all sounds fantastic! I had forgotten about Earl of sandwich and now I have such an intense craving for it I’m gonna start walking down south! :laugh:


Lisa your plans look great! I really enjoyed Coral Reef when we were there. Maybe you can request a table right beside the tank. We are also trying H&V for the character meal, I am hoping for a breakfast. Our trips are going to overlap, I am still working on my ADRs, your’s are giving me incentive to get cracking.


Sounds yummy! I agree with spacing out the MGM day, would breakfast and H&V be possible? Then you would have a nice gap between meals. If you do lunch, be sure to give a detailed report please as we will be trying it in November! Can’t wait to read a TR!


Maybe we will run into each other. I see you have free dining. Was that announced and I missed it or did you get that re booking offer?



Do they have the character breakfast? I really want Ty to see the Little Einsteins b/c he loves them.

One thing is for sure, this trip being my graduation gift from culinary school, you will get a TR with a big focus on food!



Yes we got the free dining bounce back!!! I suspect free dining will be offered again this year too.

H&V does a character breakfast with the Little Einsteins and Jo Jo’s Circus…I am not sure if there are other characters. We are doing the breakfast, Noah loves Little Einsteins and Jo Jo so I think it will be a big hit. We are hoping for first seating to get into the park early.


Hmmm if we get motivated maybe we will do breakfast instead of lunch. Thanks for the info.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the free dining. I am anxiously awaiting the announcement! I am always afraid I am gonna miss it!?!:blink: