World of Color end date?


Maybe I’ve just overlooked the info somewhere…
But does anybody know the date that World of Color ends?
Does it end on the same night Summer Nightastic ends,
which is mid-August I believe.

Thanks for the info,


August 14 was the ending date announced.


No, it’s not ending. It may go to off-season weekend-only showings like Fantasmic does, but it’s not going to stop.


The night parties associated with World of Color are expected to go through mid August like you said but the World of Color show will continue indefinately in CA. It is expected to have nightly showings at least through next year depending on the demand.

If you are going this summer be sure and wake up early and line up at the entrance of CA to get the reserved “Fast Passes” for the show. They have been showing it three times a night and each of those tickets have been going early in the morning.


Thanks for the info!!
Now to get the money together to go!