World of Color Preview


Some of you probably have seen this. It is kind of an old video, but it gives a little of what to expect with this show. I have been meaning to post this for awhile, but I have been really busy. Sorry. This video is in parts so you may have to come back and view it later because it is kind of long. But it is so work it!!! Enjoy. :slight_smile:

YouTube - Disney’s World of Color Preview - Steven Davison - Part 1

YouTube - Disney’s World of Color Preview - Steven Davison - Part 2

YouTube - Disney’s World of Color Preview - Steven Davison - Part 3


Thank you for posting this :smile:


Thanks for posting an update for those who have not seen much regarding the show.


Happy to help. :slight_smile:


Wow , This would be a great show to watch![COLOR=“Blue”][/COLOR]


cool cool cool cool


any news on its opening,i was told this month,i posted a thread but inadvertently messed up and put it under WDW info,so I am waiting for anaheim boy,to give us the latest scoop


Disney is still going through final testing as the show wraps up, cast previews have not began yet, so as of now, from what I have been told, Disney is looking to have cast previews done by mid-april with the show opening near the end of april to early may, right on time for their “late spring” debut. And as always, anything is subject to change without notice, but as of now, it looks like Disney is on track with the schedule I just mentioned.


Happy to hear that the opening may not be June 1st like some rumors I have been hearing. Of course that could change too. I hope it is before June, my pass expires soon and I am not sure if I can get another.


Yea, an opening in June is possible, but I know Disney is doing their best to get it opened before June so they can work out any last kinks in the show and get some crowds in to see it before all of the big summer crowds descend on the resort. So time will tell…


that’s cool thanks for sharing~