World Of Color Water Show


So we are spending time at Disneyland this week, and staying at the Villas at the Grand Californian. Our room has a fanastic view of California Adventure. We see the Mickey Wheel and the Lagoon very well. Well on this night we decided to get back to the room a little early so we could rest to enjoy the early magic hours in the morning. When we got back we heard a lot of noise coming from California Adventure. We went out on the balcony and saw that they were testing the World of Color water show. It was really cool sit and watch this. I ran to grab my video camera and record it. The water cannons, the flame throwers, the videos, the music, and the color will turn this into an instant time when it comes out. I was amazed and would like to tell everyone to check this show when it comes out. When I get done with vacation I will try to post some of the video for everyone to see what i’m taking about. I’m just happy that I got to see it.


PLEASE DO!!! And I do plan on seeing it the first day just like the other millions of Disney fanatics LOL!


Right after I put up this post they started up the show again, and I do not doubt it will be the last time tonight. However, this time I grabbed the camera and got to pics to share.


Some more pictures


The Last ones


Thanks for sharing, this show is going to be one of Disney’s most Epic show performances ever. I can’t wait to see it in person, the video of the test run for CEO Bob Iger was awesome!


Oh…I can’t wait!! Thank you for the preview!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


OMG… you weren’t kidding about the great view…

thanks for the pics…


fantastic luck,great pictures,i will be there as soon as i can when it opens,but one thing might get in the way …i will be at WDW from april 21- may 3…oooops


Well John it will just give you something to go back to in the future


Haha thats no problem, just go after you’re done at WDW, lol, World of Color doesn’t officially open to the public until June 11th anyways, woo woo!


fantastic…wish it was sometime in may but june will be ok


They will most likely start occasional soft openings in May like Disney does, but they wont be announced, you will have to keep an eye out for them and then the show will be officially running 2 times a night starting on June 11, when the Summer Nightastic promotion begins, one showing will be at 9:00pm and the second at 10:15 right as the park closes (makes it easier to have a showing right as the park closes - helps get the 9,000+ guests out of the viewing areas without causing too much crowd control messes once the show is over).


thank you for that info…I understand the way to see the show is buy ticket only distributed earlyin the day ,what makes that hard is I live in san diego and unless i get advance notice of the soft opening …by the time I get there it will be to late ,but hopefully i can get some early info ,but thanks again


You dont buy a ticket, the tickets are free but the way its going to work is like a Fast Pass, will be exactly the same as a Fast Pass only the ticket you get will be for either the first or second showing of the show, depending on when you get your ticket. I suppose if you left early enough from home you could get to the parks around 9, wait in line and get into DCA at 10, head straight for the WOC ticketing system and get your ticket then. The WOC Ticket Machines will be occupying the Grizzly River Rapids Fast Pass Machines this summer, but only for this summer season, I have been told that if the system goes well, Disney will instal permanent WOC Ticketing Machines. Disney is using this new Ticket system to be sure everyone gets a fair chance at seeing the show, that way people cant camp out for hours on end waiting for the show and that way people can’t stay in the viewing plaza and wait for the second show to begin like they do with Fantasmic, once the first show is over you will have to leave the viewing plaza. Makes good sense to me.