World of Color


Is it true that you can see the World of Color show from the balcanies of the Grand California Hotel that overlook CA?


You Can yes, or most of the rooms facing DCA, that I know of. But it is still best to be viewed from Paradise Park (The name of the Terraced Viewing Platform for World of Color). There you will get the full effect, view, Sound and feel of the show. I would NOT recommend viewing the show from a Grand Californian room before seeing it in Person.


Thanks for the advice.


No problem! Also, unless you are buying a Reserved Dining/Picnic meal Package that comes with a ticket (you have to get a ticket to view the show, they are free), be sure you go to DCA the first thing when it opens to obtain a ticket, depending when you’ll be going, they can run out rather quickly. The ticketing system works just like Fast Pass and the World of Color ticketing stations are where the Grizzly River Rapids Fast Pass Stations are, each section of Paradise Park are sectioned off into Colored Spots for the show, so your ticket will give the color viewing section and you report to that colored section for your show time, and you can not choose the show time unless you buy a reserved dining/picnic meal…in case you didnt already know!


I didn’t know all of this, but I did know you could get a dinner/show package. I was hoping to get a reservation at the Wine Country Tattoria for Oct. 3 2011. We are stayiing in DGC Hotel from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4 2011 in a parkview room. We haven’t been to DL in 10 years, so I’m really looking forward to going.


How Fantastic! You are going to have such an amazing and splendid time! I am so excited for you!


I’m not sure, but I thought that only the DVC rooms that offer a park view have views of Paradise Pier/World of Color. I think that the “regular” hotel rooms now only look onto the Grizzly River area now…

We have done the dining package at Wine Country Trattoria twice and have enjoyed it both times!!!


Thank you for the information


Since you are staying at a Disney hotel you will have an opportunity to go to the park early and obtain fastpasses before non-Disney hotel guests. The fast passes are just inside the park from the entrance from the DGC so it is very convenient for you.


Thanks for pointing that out! I completely forgot that Disneyland Resort Hotel guests get to enter the park 30 minutes early to obtain WOC Tickets before regular park guests!


So what your saying is thaat I really don’t need to do the dinner package, I can just get tickets at fastpass? Do yout to choose which show you wnat to see, or is it the luck of the draw? Or at that time of year do they only have one show a night?


The only way you can choose which show you see is through the dinner packages. The fastpass is luck of the draw both for show time and which section you will be in (and believe me, there are much better sections than others). If you were going to eat at the Tratorria anyway, which I highly recommend, I would just do the WOC package.


As anaheimboy mentions, you have to see this for the first time from the viewing sections. You will not get immersed into the show unless you are down in front of the lake. The first time I saw it we were in a terrible spot and I wasn’t that impressed. That same visit my wife insisted we try and get a better viewing spot and made me go again a couple of days later. I am thankful she did. We got a perfect view and I have never been so amazed. This show completely depends on the vantage point that you have as you watch it.


Thank you so much for your information. Your right if I’m going to eat at the Tatorria I might as well get the package. I was afraid that maybe the package wouldn’t be available. That’s happen to us a few times at HS for the Fantasmic Show.


The upside to getting the Trattoria Dining Package is that you get a very nice VIP center view spot (Even a better spot than the Picnic Meal Package, that package just gets a guaranteed ticket in a good viewing section - Blue). I’d say it’s well worth it, the food is delicious too!


Thank you for the information