World Of Disney In Manhatten


I just found this tonight… If you go to the destinations disney web site on the bottom of the page in the right hand corner it says World Of Disney Store. When you click on it, it gives you all information on the store at 55th and 5th in Manhatten. WOW!!! I didnt know this was here. Anyone know when they added this?


Not sure when the store opened, but we were there about a month or so ago! It is very nice. There are 3 floors and there is a character meet and greet on the 3rd floor. They also have a Cinderella party which seems like fun, but is very expensive! It was $75.00 for the party but according to staff well worth it for what you get in return! I don’t remember the details, but it’s probably on the website! It made a nice day trip for us and we were able to get a minnie mouse dress for DD! They also have the princess dresses!


The store opened last October. They closed the Disney Store that was previously there in May 2004, and constructed the current store. There’s loads of World of Disney NYC merchandise, as well as Walt Disney World merchandise (including pins, a Mr. Potato Head “fill the box” station, and Goofy’s Candy Company candy). Also, upstairs (there are three levels), there’s a character meet and greet (right now, Pooh and Tigger are there at certain times of the day!!). They also run a special Princess program where your little girl and her friends can come and (for $50), accomplish “tasks” to become princesses with Cinderella and her princess friends. All in all, it’s a great way to get that Disney fix.


The is worth stopping by if you in midtown…


I agree, if you are in midtown, well worth the trip. I have to say…I am a die-hard disney fan, but it’s no FAO Swartz or Toys-R-Us (Times Square). It is like three floors of your local Disney store with a much better themed entrance.


But, you have to admit, you can’t get a kiss on the forehead from Tigger at your local disney store.


We went to the World Of Disney store this past December on a trip to Radio City Music Hall for their Christmas Spectacular! WOW! It is loaded with a ton of “park only” items! Plus it is the only place besides the parks that I’ve seen sell monorail items like mini monorail folding flashlights, die-cast monorails, and even the electric monorail and the resorts and track for it!

They also have a really large model of one of the Disney Criuise ships on display! Great store and well worth a visit if you ever get to NY city! :smile:

Just be careful…it can get extremely crowded in there!


I was there in Dec 04.
It is definately a must do!!
they have character meet and greets, princess packages and ALOT of merchandise!! The store is 3 floors.


Thanks for the info… Every once in while DH and I hop on the train and head into the city for a few hours… ALthough we havent done it in awhile Im starting to think that its time we go back… :mickey:


i’m hoping to get to go there in the summer. i hope they have lion king stuff!


Definitely a must do!! I took my dd in February when they had JoJo and Goliath at the character meet & greet and she was just in her glory!! They spent tons of time with her and we took some cute pics of her with them - lots of fun and they change the characters every month. :mickey: