World Showcase to get a facelift!


Hey everyone, I found another great article on Mouse Planet!

I wonder if refurbs will start while I’m still there? hmmmm


Wow, how cool! They all could use some updating, I can’t wait to hear more!


Woohooo!!! A ride based on the Three Caberellos! That will be so cute!

Won’t it be cool to be part of the overhaul, Tessa!? :c) YOu’ll see the “New Magic” firsthand!!!

We’ll expect daily reports, of course! :wink:

You can be the Insider for DC!


Is this confirmed or rumor?


This report,if true,would be great,because as much as I love the Canada and France movies,they are getting old. I hope that they sell a DVD of the old movies if new ones come out.


What great news! Especially the film. Sounds like they’ll make it lots more fun and interesting to kids too.


Glad that they are finally updating some of the pavillions at world Showcase. I know my family is in the minority in that the kids just love going there and will be happy to hear about that.


Yeah, I’ve heard from other Canadians (even the Disney rep at my interview said this too) that the Canada 360 film is VERY VERY outdated - so it’ll be nice to see that change. I heard they’ve been trying for a few years now to get sponsership to refresh it, so thats great.

Erin - I really hope they do it while I’m there!!! I :heart: the Three Caballeros, and my little nephew is OBSESSED with them! haha
I will - of course - keep everyong fully updated :happy:

Cavey - on Mouse Planet it didn’t say “rumor” but you never know…I hope it’s confirmed!


that really would be cool ~ and totally about time. We really love Epcot but worry that it will fade into the background as each of the parks gets something new and/or refurbished and Epcot seems to stay as it has been for years. All they seem to update is Spaceship Earth ( which is great to see of course) but they need to look at the rest of the park.

thanks for the INfo Tessa :happy:


I can’t wait to see what it all looks like when they are done! We plan on going during the 25th anniv. time and we really like Epcot!!


How cool, I would love to see them ADD a pavillion for the 25th?!? Maybe that will happen for the MK 50th or something!!

Well hopefully it happens while you are there Tessa, I am sure you will REALLY enjoy watching the progress and giving us “behind the scenes” reports!!!


oooooooh yeah, they should ADD one. Like Polynesia or Australia or New Zealand!


I would love to see the Mexico pavilion to get a major upgrade. There is so much potential for that ride but it doesn’t live up to Disney standards. A ride themed to The Three Caballeros would be awesome and would definately bring in the crowds to Mexico once again. Sounds great!


My vote would be Australia!


I love The Three Caballeros…and I love the Mexico ride…that would be sooo awesome if it really does happen…they could have all the songs and everything!!! woo hoo from baloo!


Woohooo from Darby, too! :wink:

Slight hijack, but Baloo - it’s great to see you, stranger!


That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to see the changes and updates.


ooo wow! A new Mexico ride would be great. I like it now but that song… :wacko: I hear it in my sleep. New movies would be awesome too. I hope this is all true! Thanks Tessa. :slight_smile:


oh that’s pretty cool!! wow, epcot will be 25 next year and so will I!! that’s a great excuse to go down there. woo-hoo! thanks tessa for posting anothe reason for me to go back to WDW!!! yeah!!!


I enjoy the 3 Cabellaros as much as the next guy (girl!) but isn’t the point of the World Showcase to be authentic. I mean, “Disney-fying” it just dosen’t seem that authentic to me. I like the boat ride - I know it’s a little lame but it is a nice relaxing little ride. It could definately use some sprucing up but can’t the creative geniuses at Disney think of something cool to do with it that is more authentic Mexican? What’s next? Are the trolls in Maelstrom going to be wearing Mickey Ears? Just my humble opinion :closedeye