Worst Tuesday Ever Becomes the Best Tueday Ever!


I hate Tuesdays. I think they are the worst day of the week.
But this Tuesday turned out to be the best Tuesday because we booked an impulse trip to WDW! Yay!

My fiancee and I were feeling really down lately because our Disney Wedding and Honey Moon @ The Boardwalk/Polynesian had to be moved from October 2006 to May 2007. (Long story).

And I had to cancel my suprise April WDW Trip for my fiancee (For us to get together with our wedding planner) b/c we moved the wedding date (Actual wedding planning can’t start until 8 months prior to the wedding, and we had to move the wedding date).

And we didn’t think we would be able to afford to go to WDW this year except to fly out to meet with the wedding planner in October (basically a 2 day trip, no time for the fun stuff), since we have to save for the wedding.

But this morning my fiancee’s twin brother and wife called him with an amazing last minute WDW deal. She is a travel agent and got the trip basically at cost. They asked if wanted to join. We looked at each other, and took about 1 second to say YES WE DO! We couldn’t pass up the deal, it was almost criminal. So we booked it half an hour ago! And we’re making our ADR’s tonight!

We are staying at Pop Century for 6 nights, beginning May 11, with the Dining Plan and Hopper/Magic Plus Tickets! Yay!

I’ve never stayed at the values before. I would really welcome any comments/feedback on the Pop. It looks really fun :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how having something to look forward to really lifts your spirits!

Just needed to share my excitement!


Wow. Sounds like a great Tuesday to me. Make sure and give us details as you start planning them.


Sorry to hear that you had to change the date afterall. It will still be magical regardless of when. Have fun and enjoy your impulse trip!


It’s sounds great! I always love those kind of trips. Sometimes when you plan so far in advance it takes forever. But yours is only 44 days away!!! We stayed at POP in January it was O.K. Sorry about your wedding plans (I remember reading your post before) but family is really important!! HAVE A MAGICAL TIME!!!


That’s terrific! Impulsive trips can sometimes be the best! My daughter and I did that this month. We decided n a week.

I’m sorry you had to put your wedding plans on hold, but now you have even more to look forward to. Have fun!


The only bright side to putting your plans on hold is you get an extra Disney trip! Sorry you had to delay things, but having more time will give you more time to plan and make it extra-magical! :wink:

How exciting to throw together a last minute trip, I’m sure you all will have a blast!!!


Wow, what a great Tuesday surprise! Have a great time! And like some others have said, sometimes those last minute booked trips are the best ones because before you know it you are AT WDW!!!


Yay!!! That is so exciting!!! :c)

Too awesome!!!


Man…it’s great to have connections like that, isn’t it? Congrats. At least something could make you smile on your most hated of days… :biggrin:


Thanks for the well wishes everyone. As disappointing as it was to move the wedding back, it’s great that we get this extra trip!

Now about Pop - I need the good, the bad, and the ugly, so I can be prepapred :slight_smile:


Good for you!!

LOL…It was a good Tuesday for us, too. We got all of our plans nailed down today and bought airiline tickets!

As far as Pop…I don’t know, but I do that tinkerbell LOVES Pop. Maybe she will let you know or you could PM her.


Yay you Roxie! I love that feeling of getting everything just right, done, and good to go :slight_smile:


Now that is the best tuesday ever! Congrats on your trip! I have never stayed at PC, so I have no advice or comments to offer. Just have a good time!


That is exciting!!
See ya there! May 11th is coming fast.


Sorry that you had to postpone your wedding, but believe me the time will fly. Congrats on the surprise trip! How fun is that??? I LOVE spontaneous vacations!


Sorry about the wedding pushed back, but YAY for the surprise trip!! As far as POP, I personally have never stayed there but I know quite a few people who have and they LOVED it! I really have never heard anything bad about it so I think you’ll have fun there! Can’t wait to read about the dining details!!


I’m going to call for my ADR’s in about an hour - I’ll keep you posted!


Yay! You’re going to Disney world!!! Yay!


Isn’t it great when a day turns out like that! Too bad that can’t happen every Tuesday.


I love Pop Century. In fact I will be there for a weekend the weekend before you come down. I bet you’ll also be able to make the Tiggerific mini meet-n-greet if I’m not mistaken. As for PC,it is a great resort. The furthest building out isn’t more than a 5 minute walk(hey,if it only takes ME 5 minutes,it should be a snap for everyone else!!)to Classic Hall and the bus stops.