Would appreciate some honest reviews on the Disney Cruises


[B]:phone: Since I’m not a park person, I’d like to get some info on what the cruisesa re like. I’ve never been on a cruise, so don’t know much about them at all to st art with.



Passporter writes a guide book on the disney cruises. You should go and pick one up at your local book store. I have never been on the cruise, but my DF and her family went on it last fall and loved it.


I have never been on a Disney Cruise, but I have cruised before (4 times). I have to tell you , those were the four most RELAXING vacations I ever took!!! You get pampered from the moment you step onto the ship.

Here’s the official DISNEY CRUISE LINE site…go there and request your FREE DVD! It’s great…I can’t wait to go on a Disney Cruise!!!



We went on our first cruise ever and it was a Disney Cruise. I did not really know what to expect so I bought the Passporter book as well. It was a great book that I would highly recommend.

As for the cruise it was a wonderful vacation. I loved it that I could do something or nothing depending on what I felt like. My ds6 loved the kids clubs. My step-d 18 loved the teen area. My dh like to lay out and get some sun. I like to read a book in the shade. We were all happy. We did some excursions. One day ds and I did not go aboard the island and enjoyed a totally uncrowded pool.

I enjoyed the Disney feeling without having to run around the parks. There are lots of activities you can do also if you want. The shows are really nice. The food is yummy and you can eat all you want.

If you have any specific questions I would love to help!


Thanks JK8. Any input would be nice. My brother told me of one forum where a man described his trip and it sounded like all he did was drink alcohol all the time. Which is great if you’re in your 20’s and don’t have hang overs. LOL But, I’m 42, and hang overs aren’t that great anymore. I’ve heard that with cruises a lot of things are not included. Is it the same with Disney’s?


We’ve been on two Disney cruises - and I can assure you - that of all the cruises out there, Disney is probably the one where you would least likely see constant drinking. Disney caters to families, with clubs for kids of all ages and family pools and areas - yet on the other hand, no cruise caters to adults better. Disney’s adult areas are strictly off limits to anyone under 18. So, really, everyone can be happy on a Disney cruise. The ships are outstandingly beautiful, the pool areas are great, excellent food, great entertainment. The cabins are the best I’ve ever seen (and we’ve been on a lot of cruises). One thing to note is that Disney does not have a casino on board - most other cruises do. Disney cruises aren’t cheap, but they give you a totally care-free holiday where everyone can be happy. We took our first with our two daughters - on the second my husband and I went ourselves - and we loved both - the first as a family, the second just the two of us. Everything except the cost of the excursions you choose to take are included (except, of course, alcohol).


We did the land and sea vacation. The Cruise was by far the best vacation we have ever had. One of my worries was we would be overrun by small children. I was totally wrong. They have one deck devoted to the kids, with about anything a kid would want. My teenagers didn’t have a GREAT time, but they had a good time. The wife and I had a wonderful time. If we wanted to go ashore we did, if not, the boat was empty and we got it mostly to ourselves. Castaway Cay was wonderful, a beach for everyone! The cast was wonderful. We ate in a different restaurant each night but kept the same waitstaff. They remembered us each night, amazing!! The shows were great, the movie was Lilo and Stitch, the food was fantastic.

We are saving for the longer cruise now. Brought home some nice keepsakes, but the best keepsake was the wonderful memories of that vacation.

Hummmm, can ya tell I enjoyed it??? :mickey:


The food too? We saw a Travel Channel show about it and the Artists’ Palette restaurant in particular sounds fantastic!




I don’t like any drinks so I did no drinking at all and had a great time. I also did not feel like I was ever around anyone who had too much to drink. The over 18 areas are nice and I spent some time there. It really is a “clean” atmposphere which I loved.

I know that playing bingo is not included if you want to do that. Soft drinks in the bars/clubs are not included but they are at meals and at the free drink station on deck 8. All food is included. You pay for excursions off the ship and food on those days - except Castaway Cay where food is provided.

I am 37 and the last thing I wanted was a party boat so the Disney Cruise was perfect for me.



We(myself, DH, DD4, DS1) went this June on the 3 day cruise and everyone loved it, even the baby. There is something for everyone. Castaway Cay(Disney’s Private Island) is great. I just wish you would spend more time there. Food is good and all the CM are very attentive. I love that the staff from the dining room move to the other dining rooms with you so as the days go by your waiters/waitresses know you by name. We really enjoyed it and would definetly go again.


Yes - all your food is included - except for Palo’s Restaurant - which is a 5 star type restaurant. It’s wonderful, but if you don’t book it, you’ll still eat wonderful meals in wonderful restaurants. The Artests’ Palette is my favourite - with the animation coming to life and everything changing from black and white to colour. (even the wait staff change their outfits during the meal). There are three restaurants on the ships and you rotate (along with your wait staff) to a different one each night (some overlaps, of course, if you’re on a 4 day or more cruise). There’s Parrot Cay which is Carribbean themed, Triton’s Dining Room (on the Wonder, I can’t remember it’s name on The Magic) which is the “formal” room and Artist’s Palette. They’re all great.

The service is fantastic. On the first night one of our daughter’s was sea sick and couldn’t face the restaurants, so we ordered her some soup and a sandwich from roomservice (also free). Not only did they bring her room service - but checked on her twice while we were at dinner to see how she was doing. (More than her mother did.:redface: )


Thanks for the feedback. I’m not much of a drinker. If there is drinking, that’s fine. I just found it odd that this one site that I read that the one guy talked non-stop about stopping and having a Chocotini, etc.

I’m more the laid back type, so staying on board would be just fine with me. Beaches I love, but my dermatologist knows I’m skin cancer prone, so sunning isn’t for me. LOL

That’s cool that you keep the waitstaff. Never heard of that, and to remember your names? That’s not easy, though I’m sure if they “follow” you to other places to eat, as in restaurants, they know in advance, which is nice.:mickey:


Was wondering why you found it odd about the guy talking about drinking chocotinis, etc…that may not be what you enjoy, but i’m sure he enjoyed them, and just the name of the drink sounds delicious!:laugh: We had an absolute blast when we went on the Wonder and there were people enjoying their drinks and such but I never saw anyone falling down drunk or anything like that. All the restaurants were excellent, and service was outstanding. Can’t wait till we cruise with Disney again!


Thanks. I had no idea they had a DVD on the Cruise. We are really considering this for our next trip.


Personally, I’ve never said “no” to a chocotini with my name on it.:rolleyes:


I actually really liked this thread. I was watching Travel a couple months ago and saw the cruise show and decided I wanted to take my mother on it. She’s wanted to go, but I’ve never been a big fan of the ocean. But after thinking about it, we’re trying to save up to go in May for her birthday. We’ll see what happens!


The cruise is my favorite part of the trip- I call it Mamas boat since we go for my birthday. Its class to a degree you dont find all the time. They make you feel special and high class even when you had to save for a year to go. The food for a cruise is wonderfull and the cast is amazing. I have nothing but awesome things to say and I can be rather critical!


Hope you get to go. It really is an amazing, carefree holiday. Your biggest decision will be where to start at the buffet table. And as Woohoo said, you feel so “classy” on it.:laugh: The staff is unbelieveable. Don’t stop for a second and look confused - you’ll have three staff members hopping up to you asking if you need anything.

The “adult only” sections are amazing. Now, I’m the mother of two and I love children dearly, but it was so nice to have sections of the ship that are just for adults. “Serenity Cove” at Castaway Cay is heaven.


We went on the land / sea cruise this past New Years. Here is a link to our impressions of the cruise, hope it helps, Harry




whoohoo!! i ordered my dvd!!
I watched the special on the travel channel the other night and flipped out!!

We wanted to take a land and sea cruise for our honeymoon but we’re getting married the week before the ship sails for the season!
Oh well…I guess I’ll just have to stay 7 nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge instead :wub: