Would it be appropriate


If we got my dad a birthday button when we go in August? His birthday is August 7th, and we arrive August 11th. He thinks it would be fun, but is that too late after his birthday? He doesn’t want special treatment or anything, just a fun souvenir. Opinions please!! :mickey:


We usually go the last week of May each year. DD’s birthday is May 15 and DS’s is June 30. We get them each a button and they get one day when they can wear it all day. We’ve even ordered cakes for them at our table service meal on their night. It’s not like Disney is losing any money if the CMs take a second to say happy birthday and make the day a little extra special. I say get the pin and have everyone pick a day to wear it!:laugh:


Yes, get the pin and let him have a great birthday! So what if it is a few days after his official birthday. We celebrated mom’s the week before once.


GO FOR IT!! Birthdays at Disney ROCK!!

We go in Nov for DD8s and Jan for DD4s and it’s in the same month!

You can get a free dessert too at Casey’s Corner and Cosmic Rays if you are wearing your birthday pin . . . that’s always fun too!! :happy:

And at your table service meals, they will decorate the table and give you are card signed by the characters and a cupcake for dessert!


It’s absolutely appropriate! Go for it! :happy:

Disney is all about helping people celebrate their special occasions, and they realize that not everyone can tailor their trips to fall right on a birthday, anniversary, etc. I’ve celebrated at least 3 of my birthdays at WDW, even though only one of those trips actually fell on my special day.

Even though I was embarrassed and always felt the need to say “well actually it was last Thursday”, no one ever cared. :rolleyes: :laugh: They celebrated my birthday just like everyone else’s!


Hey, I didn’t know about the free desserts at those places! :eek: Cosmic Ray’s is one of our favorite places to eat, so I will have to remember that the next time we are celebrating a birthday. :happy:


Yep, just wear your button when you pick up the food! It’s a choc chip cookie or a brownie . . . yummy!!


Mmmm, I’d be A-OK with a cookie or brownie! :happy:


Yes, get it! We are going next week and celebrating my DH’s b-day while we are there!! His birthday isn’t until the 24th but he will be at a work conference for the two weeks surrounding his birthday so we may as well celebrate when we can!


Absolutely get it. When we went late last October, I was talking with a CM in Concierge where we were staying. I was telling her that this brought back memories as this is where we had stayed on our honeymoon, which was early on November (this was our anniversary trip). Not even thinking of the button, she have them to us. She said it was close enough, and we deserved it.


Thanks all! I have to admit, I wanted to get the button for him, but I felt a little guilty about it. I knew you guys would make me feel better :happy:

I know this is a silly question, but I don’t know where Cosmic Ray’s and Casey’s Corner are. I don’t go to WDW enough to know…which is very sad :laugh:


Hahaha I like the way you think :laugh: :laugh:


It’s totally appropriate! Definately get it for him!


Absolutely go for it! And who wouldn’t want the extra special attention while at WDW?? Be sure to let them know at any table service restaurants/buffets about his birthday and they’ll bring him an extra special birthday cupcake!!


My DD went about 10 days after her birthday in January. She got the button and wore it and had so much fun. Crystal palace decorated the table and gave her a cupcake, the CM’s hollered at her all day.

Yes, give Dad a special treat, let him have fun!


Casey’s Corner is at the top of Main Street on the left hand side, it is the last CS store on the corner before Main Street ends.

Cosmic Rays (YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE YUM!!) is opposite the Tea Cup ride on the corner.


Another vote for get the button!!!


Your dad may not want it, but there are also other special treatments for birthdays. We always go in Sept, which is my DS’s birthday month, and we have told the resort (ASMovies and POP) and they have delivered balloons to our room with a card from Stitch and/or Mickey to our room on his “special day”. Also, you can get Goofy, I think, or Donald, to call your room, or cell phone even, I think, and wish them happy birthday. We have never gotten the button before, but we will this year! He has always been so thrilled to get the balloons, and especially the card with the characters “signature”. Also, at CRT, which is where we always officially celebrate his birthday, we get a special birthday card from Cinderella - milk it! Obviously, the CMs enjoy bringing this extra Disney special treatment to the birthday boy or girl!


DARN right it’s ok. Those of us LUCK enought to be born on August 7th celebrate all month long. After all we are mighty proud LEOS! :laugh:


Yes absolutely. Birthdays are great there. We always go during DS’s birthday and they are always so fantastic with him.