Would Noah like HDDR?


Ok I know you all don’t really know Noah, but those of you who have been to HDDR…Would it be something a ride loving, character hating, barely eats anything, stubborn, mind of his own, 4 yr old, boy might enjoy :rolleyes: ?

He does like music and dancing, and I heard there is lots of cheering involved…soooo maybeeee…I’m just scared to book it and have him hate it :nonono2:

What do you think? Should I risk it? Is the food good?


My picky just turned 5 year old (then) LOVED Hoop Dee Doo the first time we went. He laughed the whole show. We were with a couple of other families and their just turned 5 year old also loved the show.

You can get other food, you just have to ask your server. We get fries and sometimes chicken strips, grapes, and carrots.

My son sometimes hates loud noices but HDD never bothers him because he’s having so much fun.

We like to food. It isn’t 5 star but it’s good comfort food.


I took my DD when she was 7 and she loved it. There were many kids younger than her there and all of them seemed to be having a great time. I think you should book it…it’s so much fun!


We went when my one DD was 3 . . . she still talks about it! Good to know you can get kid friendly food . . . that would have helped!!


Yes, I think he will!:smile:


Never been, but this dinner seems to get the biggest compliments of any at WDW. I don’t recal ever reading anything but glowing reviews!


I’ve taken my girls every year since the oldest was 4. They are now 9,12,and 17! They have loved it at every age. I have pictures of them sitting in a high chair and clapping along to the music. It is a must do each trip for us and the girls won’t let me skip it! your boy will have fun.


My headstrong 4 year old loved it, I think they like anything that is fast past with entertainment, and he ate the Mac and cheese.


I honestly don’t think there is any age that would not like it. I was shocked that my DS at 11 was CRAZY about it! He was just too cool for everything then, but he laughed himself silly through the entire show.


It is PERFECT for small kids (and parents of small kids:laugh: ). We took our 16 month old and 3 year old and they had a blast. It is a really noisy environment and my kids loved all of the action.

I would recommend getting the best seating (I believe section 1) so that you wont have an obstructed view. Also, your are right in the middle of all of the action (my 3 year old particularly loved it).


I think we might book it for our down day. Although I am wondering if the down day is becoming too busy. Do you think this is too much?

9am ADR Ohanas (for Lilo and Stitch Character breakfast)
After breakfast leave from the Poly and go to TL until around 1pm.
Back to Pop for a rest.
HDDR-5pm show? (I am thinking 5pm because we are doing MK rd the next morning)

How hard is it to get to HDDR from Pop? How do you do it? How much time should I allow an hour?

I was hoping to use the DDP for this and I read on All Ears you can’t use it for the section 1 seating. Should I pay out of pocket for the section 1? This is what I found on All Ears. It sounds like the other areas are ok but I really don’t want an obstructed view.

Category 1 will allow you and your party to be seated on the first floor level with your table nearest the stage and in the middle of all the action and excitement.

Category 2 offers either a great table on the first floor behind the Category 1 seating below the balcony or in the center of the balcony on the 2nd floor. Either way, you’re still facing the stage so you can get a wonderful view of the entire performance.

Category 3 offers tables that are located on the right hand side or left hand side of the balcony on the 2nd floor. You won’t miss a moment of the fun and excitement as you enjoy the panoramic view of the entire stage production.

Thanks again for your help.


It’s been a long time since we were at the HDDR - but as for transportation - I’d definitely take a cab.


DITTO!!! Do we have the same kid?:laugh:

My kids :heart:LOVE:heart: HDDR!

The first time we went my youngest was 4 and she loved it!! I have a 14YO (talk about too cool for everything!!!:wacko:) and she says it is one of her very favorite things about WDW!! I think most people really enjoy HDDR!! It is just pure goofy fun!!:laugh:

And the food is very yummy too!!! If you have a pickey eater they will also provide mac and cheese, hotdog, pizza… they have several choices!!

Well worth the $$$$$$$!!! OMG HAVE FUN!!!


We always take the bus to MK then the boat to Fort Wilderness! It always works great!!

Then we take the boat back to MK and sometimes go to the Poly beach to watch the MK fireworks!!!:laugh:


See the early show!!! My little guy actually fell ASLEEP :sleeping: when he was three at HDDR!

It was SOOOO funny- we were in the balcony for the late show and he fell asleep. The waitress brought over two low chairs and he slept like a log :laugh:

We have been back several times and he loves it, so no worries about that!


OK that’s it I’m sold, I will book HDDR with our ADRs! :biggrin:
Now I need to decide whether it’s worth it to pay extra for the section 1 or just use my DDP.:wacko:


We were NOT in section 1 and we could see and enjoy everything.


I think he would much prefer the Jammin’ Jungle Parade, or really anything at Animal Kingdom. I mean, after all, it’s what he’s known for, and –

Oh! Sorry. Wrong Noah. :wink: :laugh: Carry on…



:laugh: :laugh:


We took DD when she was 3 and she loved it! We actually had a balcony seat which I thought worked out great. She didn’t want to sit, so she was able to stand and look through the rails and she danced the whole time! Since we were sitting up against the balcony she didn’t get in anyones way.

I think if you’re on the floor he’ll have to stay seated the whole time.