Would the CS have a sub for applesause?


My DGD is allergic to apples, but most if not all CS meals for kids have applesauce. My DD called disney dining and asked about a sub and they said they would give her grapes. My DD finds is hard to believe they would have grapes on hand for the handful of people who are allergic to apples. Does anyone have any experience with this?


I have no experience with that kind of situation specifically, but I know that no matter what time of year we have gone to DL the vendors who sell snacks and fruit have always had grapes available. My assumption would be that if the snack vendors have them, the other food places should have access as well.


I have an allegry to peanuts and Disney was always every accommadating with me, so I would assume they would be able to accommadate you.


Yes, they do have grapes. I know because I have gotten them all the time. :happy:


We get grapes or carrots instead of french fries, all the time.


That’s good to know. My DD likes the idea of getting carrots instead of fries, but I would need to cut the carrots into little pieces and I don’t think that will work with a plastic knife. My DGD like to dip carrot and pepper strips (more like slivers) into ranch dressing. It amazes me what food this kid eats. All kinds of fruits (not apples) and veggies. She loves lasagna with spinach. I think I fed my kids mac and cheese 24/7. I don’t think I will have that many meals with my DGD so maybe I will let my DD worry about food and I’ll only have to worry about ice cream, funnel cakes, cookies :whistling . I mean that’s what grandma’s are suppose to do right?? Who am I to try to change tradition.


Exactly!!! Forget about the grapes! You need to map out the various icecream cart locations! :laugh:


Too late, been there, done that.:laugh: :laugh: But I do have an ice cream question. My DGD like to have her own ice cream cone and most places here have a “childs” size. Does Disney have that or do you think I could ask for a cone with just a dab of ice cream and the rest in a cup? I mean I’d be willing to pay a little extra for the cone (but not twice the price).:laugh:


yeah, order a cone and get a cup on the side, and if ANYTHING do it yourself…

I’m sure they’d give you a cup to put the excess in - and in most cases - if they understand what you need - they’d do it for you.