Would we have to switch rooms?


We are currently booked into a studio and two 2 bedrooms for our extended family trip in April 2011 for four nights using our own points. There are 15 of us total including one child under 3.

We are considering renting some points to book the 2 bedrooms for another 2 nights at the end of our trip to make it a six night trip. The two people staying in the studio would switch to one of the 2 bedrooms.

If we had half our reservation on our own points and then rented points for two extra nigthts, would we be able to stay in the same 2 bedroom villas or would we probably have to move?

Thanks in advance!


Once you make the reservations, you can ask them to link the two. It is not guaranteed that you wouldn’t have to change rooms, but it is rare that you would have to do that, especially if you book well in advance.


I agree. If you stay in the same room that’s one less room mousekeeping has to clean so I’m sure they try to make things like this work.


Thanks for the info!