Would you add another day?


OK, we are now debating on whether or not we should add another day(night) actually. We are going up on a Sunday morning and now DH has mentioned possibly going up Sat. night late after I get off work just to be there. That way we would be there first thing Sunday morning and basically add another full day to our schedule. What do you all think? Is it worth the money just to sleep there?


we end up adding a night EVERY trip…so I say YES!!


For the same reason? he just thinks it would be easier to wake up there Sun. morning.


I didn’t even read you post yet because when the question is MORE time at Disney the answer is ALWAYS YES!!! :biggrin:


LOL !! Thanks Tessa !!=) :laugh:


I also like waking up in the morning and being there. So I would add the extra day. We have done that before and were glad we did.


For exactly the same reason…we always start off with planning the first day as a 1/2 park day (our drive is about 7 hours) and we always end up deciding to go down the day before (we’ve done this three times!) SO, for our next trip I’m planning that extra day from the beginning!


Yeah, we are only about 2 hours away, so that was our plan too. 1/2 day on Sun. Dh always does this!!! Not that I am complaining =)


Yes, go early for sure!!!


We’ve done it - do it! You’ll be glad you did! Have fun!!!


We added a day/night this last trip and we were glad we did! Go for it, you will be glad you did!!


Yes!!! Absolutely, definitely!


I would do it without hesitation. Nothing like waking up in WDW. :heart:


I agree! It will make your Sunday morning that much more pleasant. Whenever possible I totally advocate spending any extra time in WDW. If I was a doctor… I would prescribe it. hehe.


No! Are you crazy!??!! :huh:

Adding another day to your trip is a freaky idea, and I don’t know what’s WRONG with you.

:tongue: OK! I admit it! I agree with EVERYONE else, as always! :tongue:


I would add another day, I agree with everyone, waking up with a full day ahead of you is the best feeling! :heart:


This is a no-brainer. DO IT! Did you really think any of us would tell you not too??LOL


Any more time spent at Disney is good time- hooray for you!!!


WE always do the same thing Allyson. Now what we do is stay off site on that “extra” night and then just hop over to the hotel and check in. It’s worked great for us.



We did this when we stayed onsite 2 years ago and it was GREAT!!! We got in very late…by the time we go to ASSp it was almost midnight! We left the bags in the car and checked in and went to sleep. Next morning bright and early, we checked into the Poly!!! It was AWESOME being there first thing in the morning! We are planning to do that when we go in December, too! :wink: