Would you buy/wear a DC laynard?


Someone brought up in another thread on how we can recognize each other at WDW. Many of us bought the DC pins, but they really weren’t that easy to pick out especially on a laynard. Some people suggested hats, but not all of us are hat people (me included, I hate hat hair). I came up with a new idea. How about a DC laynard/fast pass holder? If we made it in bright colors, it would be more recognizable than the pin. I would definitely buy and wear one of these. Even those of us that don’t wear pins on a laynard could use it to hold tickets or fast passes. What do you all think?


Yeah, no, sorry. I just can’t have things hanging around my neck, especially when it’s hot and all. I would probably wear a DC t-shirt in WDW if they made it in a cute girly version.

Won’t do the hat or lanyard though.

It is a great idea though, a lot more easily recognizable than a pin.


It’s a good idea! I don’t wear a lanyard and I just keep my fastpasses and such in my wallet, though, so I probably wouldn’t wear one. If there were a really cute (and flattering!) t-shirt I’d wear it!! :slight_smile:


I think that would be a great idea.
It would be easier if we used distinctive colors too… because there are chances of people having the same color lanyards and embarrassing yourself.

How about like bright green and purple?


Sorry, Wish! We must have been typing at the same time! Didn’t mean to do a “repeat” post!


I would wear the landyard depending the time of season we are there. I hate things around my neck when its hot.


I think it’s a great idea, and a great alternative for the pin being so small. But I probably wouldn’t wear it.

Like Wish, when it’s hot, I can’t have something around my neck. My regular necklaces usually get the boot in the summer. Plus, a bright color is too easy to conflict with my outfit… :ninja:

I probably wouldn’t do a hat or shirt either. I like the pin - small, out of the way, don’t have to worry about the color and my outfit. It is difficult to see, though.

Oh, and I know the DIS boards already have lime green as their color. One of their ideas - at Home Depot, they have the Mickey paint chips. They get those, remove the Mickey Heads, and use those. Some hang them from stroller handles, bags, etc.


I’d wear a lanyard. I have several already from different websites. They give out tons of them at Mousefest. Each website has it’s own lanyard color. Mousefest would be a good time to hand them out too.

If we have a lot of people won’t wear a lanyard, how about a button?


I would wear one.


Yea i’d rather see more t-shirt designs than a lanyard.


I would buy a lanyard, Id just add it to my other collection of DLR/WDW’s one (I dont wear them all at the same time…I switch off if and when I wear one), But yea I’d buy one.


The only problem I see with a t-shirt is that I don’t want to wear the same tshirt every day of my trip, but with a lanyard, I could wear it everyday.


I like the lanyard a lot! I think I’d buy one.


Yeah, I’d buy a lanyard - and would probably wear it, too. I also like the idea of more t-shirt designs. No, I wouldn’t wear one everyday, but it would be cool to have more choices.

The button idea is good too - it’s bigger than the pin and could go on our backpack/messenger bag if you’re like me and wouldn’t wear it on your shirt.


Are you allowed to collect pins if you shun the lanyard? :laugh:

I like the T idea but karliebug’s got a good point about not wearing it everyday.

I’d be most likely to do something like a button that I could hang off my bag and not worry about.


I would buy one for the kids. But my neck would be itchy on the hot days. Depends when I go.


I would totally wear one!
But I also like the t-shirt idea…accept I like wearing super cute stylish outfits in the parks :pinch:

what about a cute wristband…like those armstrong ones everyone’s wearing these days? Or is that fad almost over and done with.
Or the button idea I think is great, a BIG one so everyone can see it? or a bag?


If it’s up to me you can. :tongue: :cool: :tongue:


The button idea is great, and would probably cost the least of the other ideas. Plus you can attach it to just about everything! I would definitely buy one (or more) buttons.


If there was a button i would put it on my purse.