Would you do it?


We have friends that want to go in March of '07 but the husband really wants to stay at the Polynesian for like 6 nights. I love the idea but just checked the rack rates. OMG - it is $449+tax PER NIGHT for a garden view. OMG, I can’t believe it.

I haven’t informed him yet but if he did want to still stay there would you do it?:blink:


If you can afford it, absolutely, it is beautiful at the polynesian!


I agree been to the Poly - it is quite beautiful my son walked into teh lobby at aged 6 and said to me: You didnt tell me we were going to Paradise!

All that being said - I didnt pay $400+ a night either! If that rate is too high ( and it is!) stay elsewhere- Disney hotels all have their charms!


Not me. I’m too cheap to pay that for a room. I’d be hard pressed to pay half that amount.


Sadly no but I sure want to stay there some day.


If you package it up with Magic Your Way tickets won’t it come out cheaper than the rack rate?


To some people, that’d be a drop in the bucket. Us? We usually don’t book anything without a substantial discount and the most we’ve paid for a room is $200+ for the Boardwalk last December…and that was only a couple of nights.

As much as I love the Poly, $400+ could be used in so many other, better ways.


Wow, it is a beautiful resort, but I wouldn’t be able to swing it for a week. If you have the money, go for it. If not, I would try a mod or AK is one of the cheaper deluxes.


whoooohoo…400 dollars…wow.
I have a little problem with the 150 a night that our honeymoon is costing us…$400 though…wow…
I’d just tell them the facts, if they want to stay there still…let them stay there and you stay where you want and where you wont have to spend your childrens college tution on for a week…


Why don’t you check with AAA or a travel agent, may be they offer a discount.


We stayed there last year for our 10 year anniv and it is so awesome. The monorail convenience alone is worth it. We would go to the MK and go back to our room to drop off bags and then off to Epcot. AKL used to be our favorite but not anymore although a very close 2nd. You can walk to GF and the beaches. LOVED IT!


I am way too cheap to spend such a hugh part of my budget on a room I will hardly be in. Hey it’s free to visit…eat dinner there! You’ll have more fun spending the extra money in the parks, or not being penniless upon return home.


What about APs and discounts? September is value season, so prices should be at their lowest at that time. Contact mousesavers and see if you can get any breaks…AAA, AP, Disney visa, etc. Poly is gorgeous and it’s our dream to stay there someday, but, we can definitely NOT pay rack rates…


I LOVE the Poly… But I don’t care how much I love it, there’s NO WAY I’d spend $400+ a night for ANYWHERE. No way, no how…


Stan - Don’t you guys have AP’s? I thought you did for some reason…anyway - check out Mouseketrips and ask Keith about the AP rates for February. They are usually $100.00 + the 11.5% tax off, per night, for deluxe resorts. If you have the money, do it! :happy: I definately want to do the Poly some day - it is just so gorgeous - I think it is worth a little splurge! :mickey:


We’ve stayed there before and loved it but we also went when bookings weren’t too great and they were offering a great deal!! We were going to stay there this dec., but at $300.00plus tax, we thought that was too high!! are trying the dolphin and they also offer a teacher disc.!!


Oh, you’re going to love it there! I’m a big fan. I get the nurse’s discount and think it’s a terrific deal. Deluxe resort at moderate prices.


Thanks everyone. We don’t have APs right now but I think we will by that time. that will probably save us a little but still I just don’t know if I can justify $350+ a night. I’ll talk to my friend and see what his thought is and let you all know so you can follow the saga!:blink:


you know what…? The Poly is a truly awesome resort and if money was no issue then I would stay there everytime but for me personally, that rate would be way to much to even consider.
Think of all the other things you do with the money which you would save by booking elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, the Poly is awesome and quite stunning and will always have a special place in my heart ( as it where DH and I honeymooned :wub: ) but it is not worth that kinda money on an ‘everyday’ break ( if you know what I mean?). The Poly is somewhere I would go again if I had a special occasion etc etc. Until that ‘occasion’ turns up though I will just keep on dipping in there for Ohana’s etc !!!


This is what’s known as DVC Member Sticker Shock! Same thing happened to me when I checked out AKL. We tend to forget how much the resorts cost.

Would I do it? No. Too rich for my blood.