Would you go again?


ok- I know that the obvious answer is, “why yes- I will always go to WDW”. But here is my dilemma…
My kids and I love WDW… My husband thinks that it is ok. We have been 5 years in a row to WDW… then in the summer we always go somewhere else (the beach) for a vacation. We are discussing whether or not to go again this year. To be honest, I am worried about losing the feel of magic when i go this year(if we go)… Plus my husband is not really thrilled with the idea- he keeps saying it is the same old stuff.
I will not go to Universal (can’t compare, so I feel like I am wasting my money), but I might consider Sea World for One day. We always go to WDW for a week, and I find it hard to do anything other than go to the 4 main parks. We usually go in MArch, so we don’t really want to do water parks.

So, if you did go to WDW- what would you do differently?
If you didn’t go to WDW- where would you go? I need to go somewhere where there is something to do-not lay at the beach!

Thanks for your advice!!!


I can relate, I would go to WDW every year for vacation, but DH doesn’t feel the same, hence my countdown:crying: . I would definately consider cruising, always something to do and you can visit different places.


Hanwill… the way we keep it magical is to change it up!

Like we go to new restaurants – this last trip, we threw in a couple of faves, but moslty we went to places we had never tried before, so it all felt new!

And we try the rides we have never gotten to try – Mickey’s Philharmagic was a real treasure, and we had passed by so many times before!

Stay in a resort you have always wanted to try! Feels pretty special to check in someplace new!

Take one of the tours or do something off the beaten path, like bass fishing or horseback riding!

and in March, you may be surprised at how warm it is, so the water parks may be perfect! Have you been on CrushNGusher yet?

How about Cirque du Soleil? Or one of the special parties… Princess & Pirate maybe?

If all else fails, what about a Disney Cruise? So you ge tmagic and islands to boot!


All of these are great ideas and could really make a WDW trip seem new and different. We try to add at least one new thing each trip. Sometimes it’s a new restaurant other times it’s a new activity like a tour or show.


You must be inside my brain!! This is almost word for word what I was going to suggest! So, I’ll just second it all!


I would go again because majority rules and your DH is outvoted…lol. Seriously, make the trip. I would add in a day at Sea world to change it up and maybe plan some special things your DH would enojy. Maybe give him the option to go golfing or do something he would personally enjoy at WDW that is nonpark. The vacation is about pleasing everyone in the family and surely there is something DH can do that would be special to him.


Would DH be interested in something like the Petty Driving Experience? My DH absolutely loved it and would love to do it again! Cirque is a great option, too, if you haven’t seen it before. Like everyone else has stated, kick it up a notch by doing something different and offer something that’s just for him.

A Disney cruise sounds like fun, too. :happy:


I like that we don’t go each year because we have had the opportunity to take other trips. One year we drove to Niagara Fall, then to Hershey Park and finally to Washington D.C. The kids loved it and so did my husband. You can’t do Hershey in March but Washington D.C. is a great place to visit with tons of museums that are free of charge. We are going again in April since the plane fares to Orlando during our spring break are way too expensive. When is Washington you can also visit Mt. Vernon and Lurvay Caverns in Virginia (underground caves…so cool).


My family is the same way to the T!!! I LOVE WDW:heart: My dh thinks its ok and the same old same old… We have gone every year in a row… This past year I took my sister and mom and he stayed home… This time in 08 he is staying home and going fishing… We always go to the shore and to VA in the summer…We go to PA hershey park all the time same old 6 flags gets boring… We also go to dirty kings dominion.:yuck: I would love for him to come but if he doenst want to well … who cares… I do and I dont… This year I will be going to MNSSHP which is a first but to be honest I have never ever walked thru the countries… I do want to do that… I have never done all of DTD which I want to do so there are somethings I will do different… I also never seen an mgm parade… I would never really consider universal unless the whole family votes on it… I feel it doesnt compare to Disney… Sea world we may do for a day as well…


There are so many things to do there besides rides. DH and I are going to put the kiddos in the Neverland Club at the Poly and do a date night and have dinner at Le Cellier in Epcot and hang out during extra magic hours. We have never seen Illuminations or the MGM parade b/c we use that time to do rides or we leave the park. You can do one of the tours or book the Segway tour in Epcot for your DH. Richard Petty’s driving experience might be fun for him as well. Book a show, such as Cirque, Hoop Dee Doo, Poly Luau or go horseback riding at Fort Wilderness. You can also go to the marinas and rent a pontoon boat or Sea Raycers.

There is just so much to do at WDW and the surrounding area. We have been 6 times and there are many things that we have yet to do!

However, as much as I love Disney, I have gotten to the point where I’m not sure I could do it every single year anymore. DH likes Disney, but he also wants to do other things like skiing, visiting Las Vegas, etc. After Christmas we went to the Big Island of Hawaii and DH LOVED it! The kids were bored to death and said they would rather go to Disney…lol. It is funny that they can walk around Disney parks for hours a day w/o complaint, but they get bored walking 2 miles to a waterfall, etc…lol. We will continue to go to Disney b/c we love it, but we have really cut back the frequency of those trips and try to do non-theme park vacations in between our Disney trips.


I am still stumped, but your advice does have me thinking. Thank you for all of it! We sorta feel like we have seen almost everything at WDW, except some of the tours (kids are too young)… and maybe Cirque de Soleil. I think that we have been to almost every theme park restaurant because we have been trying new restaurants, and doing everything at the parks. We are sun up to sun down kind of tourers… so we don’t miss anything! We have done the princess party, as well as the family magic tour… we do pack our vacations! I am still thinking!!!


How about a relaxing trip, where you spend most of the time at your resort, swimming, maybe taking your meals at different resort restaurants you haven’t tried?

I think even if you feel like you’ve “done” it all in WDW, there are still hidden treasures to be found. If you change your usual strategy and slow it down a bit, and avoid the parks, you could probably find a whole other side of Disney you never knew about.

Good luck deciding!


Have you considered the Disney Cruise with or without a land portion to go along w/ it? DH really wants to do the cruise and brings it up everytime we talk about Disney. That would give everyone a new perspective on Disney “magic”.


I agree! Change it up a little…stay in a new resort…do some extra stuff…if you really want to go again.
I know saying what I am about to say may be blasphemy but maybe a year off might do some good if you have to take one…get everyone re-energized for the magic and maybe save some extra $$ over the next year to stay at a monorail deluxe or something?


I am begging him to stay at deluxe this year- if we go. We drive so it saves money…I would love to do Cirque, but I hate to ask i we are staying at a deluxe… He is really into spending time with the kids, because he has a hectic work schedule.
I think that once you do the dining plan, maybe the princess party (we have done this), and a deluxe hotel, It starts to get expensive. I tried to talk him into the DVC, but he does not want to do that. That is what I get for marrying an accountant… HA! HE is fabulous don’t get me wrong, he is just not as impressed with Disney as I am. I walk around saying that I am just impressed with the architecture, and atmosphere and “whoever created it was so amazing”. He says, “well it was their job”. ok- I know that he is right, but no where else does that much thought go into a street, shop or restaurant, or show… Can you tell that I really want to go???


Yes, it was their job… but what I appreciate is that the money was spent. Creativity doesn’t get realized on rainbows and unicorn horns. Excellence costs.

Good luck with getting what you want… I know I always want to go back… :happy: (Oooh- take me with you! I’ll meet you at the south junction of the Perimeter and 75! :laugh:)


you are about an hour from me… although you are an hour closer to WDW than me!

I do appreciate the cost of everything too. I am thankful that Walt was so meticulous and that he wanted perfection in everything. WDW would not be what it is today without it!


Nope, it’ll take me about 45 minutes to get there. I just thought it would be a convenient place for you to pick me up. :laugh:


We were faced with a decision like this 2 years ago. I really wanted to change up our family vacation a little. I wanted to do Disney, but also see other things. That is why we chose to do our “California Adventure”. We took 2 weeks to tour California & ended our trip with 4 days in Disneyland. Everyone enjoyed new scenery, sites, and we also got to see DL for the first time!


You can do the cruise (not necessarily Disney) then do the parks, or something that you haven’t done with him before, 3 days beach, 3 days parks. Do some of the Parties. We go every year so I do not do everything there is to offer every year. I try to make themed trips based on my kids ages, and my interest. Next time I am thinking about a hot air balloon ride, we have never done that and would like to try it.