Would you go?


We were just asked to go on the 7 day WDW cruise in mid-March. It would be myself, DW and 3 DS. The youngest will be nearly but not quite 3 years old which worries me alot.

Provided we can afford it (we are going for 10 days in October of 2004), I would consider it. Would you go? Any thoughts (pro or con)? :eek:


I would definitely go. It would really depend on if you thought that you could control the children and if you think they would be ok. If all things check out then I wouldn’t see any reason not to.


Why not, if you can afford it. I have gone on several cruises but never Disney as we simply could never afford what Disney charges. Other cruise lines are much more affordable. The kids programs should keep the kids occupied while the adults do what they like. Is the youngest still in diapers?? That would be the only drawback, I think, because I think kids have to be potty trained to do kid’s activiites. You may want to check the Disney website to see what they have for kids to do. Otherwise I would have no qualms at all about going. Do you have room in your suitcase for Me???


We took our 2 1/2 year old on a cruise( not disney) and she did fine. I would check out the ages for kids programs. Many of the the kid’s programs in WDW start at 4 years old. So the cruise may be the same. Have a fun trip!


Everything I have read, says that in order for your 3 yr old to participate they must be potty-trained. If they are, they can participate in the Oceaneer Club and go in the pools. They age groups are 3-4, 5-7 and 8-9 for the Oceaneer Club and the older ones (I believe) are in the Oceaneer Lab. We sail out next Sunday, Aug 1st, and will post a trip report upon our return. My DD’s are 6 yr old and 4 yr old.


I would go if I could afford it. Are you a big gambler? Keep in mind the Disney ships don’t have casinos,so that could be a factor.


I would definitely go if I could afford it. Have been on two DC in the past. My DS was 9 and 14 the years we went. They have soooooo much for the kids to do. Definitely would not pass up an opportunity like this.


We’ve been on the Disney cruise twice, (thanks to DVC). If it’s feasible and affordable go for it. Even if the youngest is too young for the clubs, he’ll just be captivated by eveything going on around him. And he’ll have lots of company. Seems like every second family has a stroller. No other cruise will make you feel as welcome as a “family”. To save money, the only difference between an inside and outside suite is the lack of window on the inside ones. The decor is almost identical to the outsides. (I peeked inside one of them).


I have always thought, that for the prices, Disney offered alot. Now we have only sailed with Disney, but I could not have imagined sailing for anything less in price for our family of four. We always book way in advance and get great rates. This December was no exception…we can’t wait.


One more thing DH. Don’t forget how great the trip was even though little DS was only 2. The earlier post is correct, a 3 year old can participate if potty trained. We did take advantage of Flounder’s Nursery. We felt every comfortable leaving and he had a great time too! It is perfect for Mom and Dad to have dinner!! If you can, go for it and have a great time!! :smile:


I’ll go against the grain on this. Nope, I wouldn’t go. I would save the money for next year’s trip to WDW and hold out for the cruise when my kids were older. I biased mind you…I hate boats…even big ones.


I think we have definitely decided to wait until our youngest is a little older. Thanks for everyone’s input. It was fantastic as always. :flowers: