Would you go?


Ok, so I know all of you would take any Disney trip that you conceivably could, BUT I need honest opinions on this. Of course I WANT to go, but I’m just not sure if its the best idea.

Background: I had obviously planned on moving back to Orlando before now, but found out I would have to pay out of state tuition to return to UCF. So, I will be staying here until I am done with school (getting my masters) and then head southward. So, I am entertaining the idea of a trip. . .

Now, I have two two-day comp tickets that expire December 31. I also have a free place to stay in Celebration. I have found airfare for $59 each way and I MAY rent a car. My friend has offered to come with me, and split the cost of the rental car. So, it would be me, her and two babies. I know this probably sounds perfect, but here are my concerns:

  1. Disney with two infants (they will be 9mo. old) – will this be more trouble than its worth? Anyone who has traveled with little ones and has any input it would be greatly appreciated. We have only done short over night trips, so I am sure there are many things I am not considering.

  2. Money: my financial situation is stable, but certainly not fantastic. I am saving right now to buy a bigger car and putting money away for a downpayment on a house when I move back to FL. Would you be able to get over the guilt of taking a vacation when you have more pressing financial concerns? Even though I have a free place to stay (with a kitchen)and free park tickets I know I will end up spending more than I plan on!

  3. My family doesn’t want me to go. I think they are afraid I wont come back :laugh::laugh: – they still have hope that I am going to live here forever and never move away. They will complain about us going for months though, and I’m not sure its worth it.

I really do want to go see all my friends and show off my babes. Oh, and go to Disney World. BUT, considering all this, would you go?


I’m not a mom, but I dig the financial situation, so here’s my indecisive contribution…

  • you can save like a maniac up til the trip (like no frivolous/fun spending!) then go and have a great time. everyone deserves a little time off, and you obviously have people you wanna see too. (plus the airfare…shoo! so cheap.)

  • OR you can nix the trip.

I say if you do go, play it safe with your money til the day you leave; don’t waste a cent on something you simply want but don’t NEED; a new dress, expensive dinners, even unnecesary groceies, etc. Isn’t there a famous financial advisor that preaches that…? In any case, you can have a blast and spend a little more freely on your vacay! :slight_smile:


This year with the babies will be easier then next! This year they will basically sit in the stollers and look around at all the pretty sites - next year, they will be toddlers who will want to RUN in two different directions all the time. I have done disney with infants and toddlers and found the infants to be easier.

Why tell the family until it is closer to the time you go?! Save yourself some greif.


I agree with Pixie Mom- This year would be easier with them than next.
Financially Id say plan, budget and save.

If it was me Id go. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while.


My favorite trip we’ve taken was when my youngest was 9 months old. That is such a great age! They are old enough to look at everything, want to grab and hug all the characters and not know to be afraid, but they’re still so little, they just stay put in their stroller. Go! Have fun! My family would be like yours, though, so I understand worrying about hearing their complaints. Just don’t tell them until it’s time to go!


Definitely go!!! Having babies certainly can add to your life some stress, making sure they are provided for. Well, part of keeping that stress in tact is to have fun and laugh. Disney and friends will provide that. Enjoy life and have a great time with those beautiful babies!


Mygosh Megan, I am the odd woman out here. I think taking any baby before it’s 5 years old is crazy. But you know your boys best. I would not have put my kids through such bussy places, be it Disney or a crazy bussy mall. Too much stimulation in my opinion. How can you enjoy yourself there if you can’t go on the rides?


I agree with the majority, you’ll have an easier time with them now then you will the next few few years. And who doesn’t want to show of they’re adorable babies???

As for not being able to go on any rides, i could so totally enjoy all of WDW and not go on a single ride :sleep:


From a mans point of view as much as we love Disney we waited until our girls could enjoy it so I would say don’t go unless you know that you will have time to enjoy yourself as little ones can find a way to make sure that something you’ve planned don’t seem to work out exactly according to plan


Okay, call me the wet blanket in the group…I’m a single Mom putting 2 kids thru college right now…I love Disney, go once per year, and plan all year to do that. BUT, and here’s the BUT, I didn’t start going until my kids were MUCH older, AND when it wasn’t a financial burden AT ALL. They enjoy the trips, I don’t stress about cash, and I don’t have to sacrifice up until the trip so that I can afford it.
Your babies are beautiful, and you have YEARS ahead of you to take them.
Geez, I’m a downer…ignore everything I just said:nonono2:


I am a bit worried about the over stimulation. My boys LOVE to go out when we are here and we do frequently go to malls, parks, story hour, etc. BUT, Disney is a whole other ball game. It overstimulates me a bit sometimes, so I can’t imagine what it would be like for them. Plus all my friends will be gushing over them/passing them around, which might also freak them out. The airplane makes me nervous too. I’m just not sure if its worth it. The only thing thats keeping me considering it is that I have free tickets so its not like I would be wasting them if we only stay in the parks for an hour or two. They are going to expire anyways.

I think I have a habit of over-thinking things! :blink:


Do you think you’d still enjoy it lugging the little ones around? Just flying with them would be difficult. I’ve seen many miserable parents with crying babies in strollers on my trips. BUT- I’ve seen lots of happy ones too! :wink:

You have the advantage of being able to do it on the cheap, but if you’re that apprehensive maybe it’s just not the right time?

We didn’t go until our youngest was 7. The thought of diapers, bottles, etc. would have been too much. I’d sell the tickets and save the money for a time you can really enjoy it…of course, maybe that’s now? Only you know for sure… :wink:


We took our 18 month old, and people thought we were crazy. We even had a 10 hr. car ride, which she was wonderful. I went there knowing that I was not going to be able to do the things I normally did at disney. That way I was not disappointed when I needed to leave for the hotel in the afternoon and be ready for bed by 8pm. If you think you can swing it, and your friend will help you I would go. If you won’t have any help, and the money is tight, I would wait.


Something I learned after my girls were born…They were priority #1 in all aspects, to include financially. If I knew I would be facing a situation that could possibly hinder our budget, i’d by-pass that option. If it would have no effect at all what so ever then it would be a serious consideration. If you have the $ without having to do without then go, if not well, that’s a decision only you can make.

I took my oldest 2 when they were 3yr & 5 months. Is was easy because the 5 month old still slept alot, but it was also demanding when she was awake. Needless to say we definitely made some lemonade on that trip. Went back when all 3 were 1, 2 & 5. Only considered it because my mom went & a lot of the trip was free/reduced. We thought “how can we afford NOT to go”.

Yes, everyone needs a vacate sometimes, but of this caliber? If you’re riding the fence this much then maybe this isn’t the right time, free tics or not. Only you can make that decision since you’ll be the one that has to live with the consequences if your choice turned out to not be the right one.


I hate to be negative, but I have to say that I would not go. I have taken my kids young. Our first trip with the kids (2006) was when they were 3 and 2. We have gone ever since, once a year. Our son’s first trip was last year and he was 9 months old. He was easy, he sat in the stroller the whole time and was such a good baby. That said, I found it difficult to keep him in his much needed schedule, and even though we went in December, I kept worrying about the baby getting dehydrated. There was a stomache bug happening all over teh World and he was affected. It was just too much! Granted, I had three kids with me but if I had to take twins at 9 months, i wouldn"t go. I say wait until they are like 3 (unfortunately it will be here quicker than you want to believe). We are going again in October. The baby will be 19 months and I am terrified, it could be a disaster, but the girls are now 5 and 6 and we will make the most of it! I know what I just said seems conflicting, but basically… with both of your children being so young, I truely don’t believe it will be all that enjoyable this go around. Sorry, I feel terrible being the negative one!


If you think you can handle taking it slooooooow on this trip, I would say absolutely go for it! I think that would be the hard thing for me - I’d be dying to experience everything I missed desperately, but obviously with two infants in tow that is not going to be possible.

With so much of the trip being free, I think you will regret it if you don’t go. (Letting those comp tickets expire would be heartbreaking, would it not? :noo:) You could look at this as a chance to get away, get a Disney “fix”, and take the kids while they’re still too young to run away. Haha. (And before you have to pay for plane tickets for both of them! :eek:)

I also come from a family who would tell me not to go. (My family feels the same way about me going to DL - they’re afraid I wouldn’t come back!) I don’t think you should take your family’s opinions into account. It sounds terrible, but that’s MHO. This is about you and your babies. If you want to go for it, then do. I absolutely understand the concern about money - perhaps you could make yourself feel better about it by selling some things on ebay, taking old clothes to a consignment shop, etc? The last thing you’ll want is to feel guilty about taking this trip…especially if the babies get cranky and you’re thinking “Oh why did I do this?” :laugh:

If it were me, I would probably go. But go with your gut on this one. If it doesn’t feel like good timing, don’t push yourself into it just for nostalgia’s sake. Good luck!


Dont feel bad! I want honest opinions! :happy:


I personally say that you know your boys the best and if its something you think they can handle then why not. My sister has twins and she just took them to Busch gardens at 10 months old for 1 week and they did fine. You know when they need to rest and all.
You need a break every now and then. Also, You dont have to do Disney. You can just go visit your friends if you wish.


This is a tough one, but I have a feeling that if I were in your situation, with tickets, and good airfare, I would go too! I think everyone needs a vacation, it sounds like you are going to have a helper, and it would be so nice for you to see your friends again, and show off your boys. My youngest was two the first time we took him, and he loved it. Sticking to a schedule was no harder at Disney than it is anywhere you go on vacation.