Would you pay $20 for a Fantasmic dessert party?


DisneyCentral will be sponsoring an event at this year’s Mousefest at WDW. Right now, it looks like it will be a dessert party at the Fantasmic! show. We will have our own viewing area (the balcony behind the walkway). The cost will be about $20 per person, and will cover dessert and the reserved seating. The poll is simply, would you pay $20 for this?

Comments are welcome!


When is mousefest usually held?


Mousefest, 2004 will be held between Friday, December 10 and Monday, December 13. The dessert party is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, December 12.


I voted yes but I won’t be able to go this year. Maybe next year?!


I guess I should clarify that I am just looking for general impressions. By voting yes, no or maybe, you are not locking yourself into anything. Just consider the poll as if you were going to be in WDW, and this was offered to you.


If I was going to be there on that date and it was hosted by DC DEFINITELY!!! :biggrin:


I voted maybe because im just not sure if it would be worth $100 (i have 5 people in my family and its $20 each) for dessert. I would rather do the Fantasmic dinner package instead. Its a good idea though :smile:


I have to agree with DisneyDreamer, $80.00 for our family of four for dessert is quite high. It’s a great idea, I just think the price needs to be adjusted.


I voted yes - but I don’t really understand what Mousefest is. Is it like a meeting for members of DC and other web sites, or what… To meet fellow DCr’s I’d pay $20.00. To meet strangers, I don’t know…


I vote yes…for that time of the year it’s worth it!


I would definetly pay it if I was able to be there.


Is the date set in stone? If so,I won’t be able to be there,because I work on the weekends. where do you mean “the balcony behind the walkway?”


As you walk into Fantasmic, to the right are the seats and the “moat”, to the left is are is a balcony and the production building. So, you are behind the walkway, but up higher than it.

This will not be the meet and greet, that most likely will be Friday night. Not sure of what is going on, we want to finish up this thing first. We will probably have a better idea next week of the schedule.


If we were going then, I would for sure!

Unfortunately my current job basically forbids Dec vacations. :frown:


I voted ‘yes’ because I’m organizing one for a UK board and I’m stunned at the overall costs - that DisneyCentral or Mousketrips is willing to pick up the majority of the bill is wonderful! Plus, the desserts are fabulous, the ‘Celebrity Status’ is kind of fun, etc. It’s a wonderful evening.


We’ll be down there at that time.
Cruising Dec 5-9 and at the “World” Dec 9-15. How can we sign up?




I wouldn’t miss it if we were going to be there…


DLR has a Fantasmic Dessert Buffet w/ reserved seating up in the balcony off the Gallery. We did it on our most recent trip and it was worth every penny! Only 18 of us up there, great desserts, unlimited diet Coke (!!) and a fantastic view that we didn’t have to spend hours waiting for.