Would you rather...?


Hope no one’s tried this one already… I looked for it and I didn’t see it, but sorry if I’m repeating!

Here’s how it goes… someone asks a question with 2 really hard choices, something like “Would you rather eat rotten cheese or drink spoiled milk?” Something like that… and then whoever answers it asks the next one. I’d say just for fun keep it Disney-related but I know we’ll run out of choices soon… so I guess the subject of the choices is anything!

But just for fun…
Would you rather be stuck for eternity on the Jungle Cruise with a boring CM and hear the same jokes over and over, or be stuck for eternity in IASW with the singing dolls who never stop?


Jungle Cruise.

When you first get to MK, would you rather ride Buzz first or Splash mountain?


Buzz Lightyear. Love that ride, I could do it again and again.

Would you rather go to Mickey’s Magical Christmas Party or do Disney Quest for the first time?


I’ve already done DQ… so… MVMCP!

mustard on a hot dog… brown or yellow?

Oh and there’s another really long thread about this: http://www.disneycentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10463


Brown mustard always…

Would you rather befriend mickey or goofy?


Goofy - I bet Rowdy Raider would agree!

Illuminations cruise or CRT?


Illuminations cruise

Fantasmic or Wishes?



A date with Sulley or a date with the Beast?




Would you rather ride River Rapids on a cold day, or ride Test Track and get stuck in the heat room?


lol, Beast. Same question as my above.


heat room… cold AND wet is just brutal.

Space Mtn with the lights on or Splash Mtn with no splash?


Space with lights on

taco bell or KFC?



Apples or Oranges?



All stars or PC?



WDW or DL?



Rnr or ToT?



Christmas at WDW or Christmas at home with all of your family?


Tower of Terror!

Universal or Seaworld




Turkey or Ham?


1st answer…holidays w/ my family
2nd question…ham for sure

5 nights at the polynesian or 8 at PC?