Would you rather...?


WL WYR Mickey Mouse is captured by the evil phantom blot Which place that Mickey Mouse to be tied to the pile of dynomite or a pier.


A pier

WYR stay @ POR or POFQ?


POR.WYR for Mickey Mouse’s birthday he wanted to be a Rescue Ranger or a secret agent.


Secret Agent

WYR be Violet or Dash?


i would be dash because i am fast just like dash. WYR If Mickey Mouse is the secret agent is tied to the boat bound and gagged with dynomite which device will Mickey Mouse uses to escape laser pen or a gadget watch.


laser pen.

WYR go to Disney for a year or win $1,000,000?


go to disney for the whole year.WYR stay in the Animal kingdom Lodge or Wildnerness Lodge.


Animal Kingdom Lodge, but only if I were able to get Savannah view. Would you rather stay at All-Star Sports or All-Star Music?


all star Music because our family stayed there.WYR If Mickey Mouse chained bound and gagged by the evil pirates which place the evil pirates put Mickey Mouse to the dungeon or treasure scene.


Treasure Scene.

WYR work as a Bell Hop at the Tower of Terror or as a butler/maid at the Haunted Mansion?


Butler/Maid because it is a classic.

WYR wear sneakers or sandals to WDW?


Sneakers, unless I had REALLY good “walking sandals”.

WYR have a free club 33 membership but still have to pay to get in the park OR half off park admission/AP cost but be banned from Club 33?


have a free club33 membership but still have to pay to get in the park. WYR if you want to go to disney on ice which show you want to go to see The Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom Adventure or to see 100 years of Magic.:mickey:


Magic Kingdom adventure.

Would you rather…ride the Stitch Alien Encounter or the older one?


to ride Stitch Alien Encounter. WYR…? if the Incredibles must find Mickey Mouse in the Magic Kingdom. Which place that the evil bank robbers tied up poor Mickey Mouse. To the dynomite in the old shack in Frontierland or To the torture chamber in the Cinderella’s castle.


The torture chamber.

You are on a small 2 person plane taking a seven hour flight to…er…someplace…anyplace…WYR be stuck on the plane flight all seven hours with Donald or Goofy?


seven hours with Goofy because he make me laugh. WYR Mickey Mouse as a superhero The Incredibles Or a Rescue Ranger.


the incredibles

WYR have a Mickey Head Ice Cream or Minnies Strawberry Popcicle


Mickey Head Ice Cream.

WYR spend the day with the band “Aerosmith” or spend the day riding the “Rock-n-Rollercoaster”?


Riding the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

WYR go to Europe for 10 days or Disney for 5 days?