Would you rather...?


Disney for 5 days. WYR… to stay in Grand Floridian or Polynesian resort.


Polynesian…Grand Floridian feels too uppity.

WYR meet an original Imagineer from Pirates of the Caribbean or the Haunted Mansion?


meet an original Imagineer from the Pirates of the Caribbean. WYR… If Mickey Mouse is a superhero which The Incredibles Does Mickey Mouse be Mr. Incredible or Frozone.


I think he would be Frozone because he is so cool =)

WYR work with the animals in AK or the marine life in the Living Seas?


marine life in the living seas. WYR…? if Mickey is one of the incredibles which villain he can defeated Syndrome or underminer.



WYR be a cast member @ Mission Space or Space Mountain


Space Mountain

WYR eat free of charge all day at Pecos Bills or at the Columbia Harbour House ?


Pecos Bill

WYR live in Orlando or Anaheim?


Orlando. WYR… If you like to see the Magic Kingdom castle stage"Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party. Or Cinderellabration. “Mickey’s Dream-along Castle Party”


Cinderellabration, cause I have never seen it! :sad:

WYR…learn how to be a fur character of your choice or learn how to operate the ride of your choice?


learn how to ride to operate of your choice.WYR…If Mickey Mouse is captured and chained by Evil Peg Leg Pete which place you put Mickey Mouse in chains in the dungeon or Pete’s lair.


Petes Lair

WYR watch Disney channel all day or Watch Disney movies all day?


watch disney movie all day. WYR… to stay in the new contempory or the new Polynesian resort.



WYR Live in WL or AKL?


Live in AKL… WYR… want to go to christmas or new year eve to disney world.


New Years Eve (nothing like bringing out a new year with the mouse)

WYR Be friends with Cinderella or Tinkerbell?


:mickey: …


be friend with tinkerbell… WYR… Which you like to see in the disney on ice the Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure or Mickey’s greatest adventures.:mickey:


The Incredibles in the Magic Kingdom adventure

WYR be able to ride rides @ the MK with no guest or Epcot?


Epcot…WYR…Soarin’ in Epcot or to The seas with Nemo and Friends.