Would you rather...?


Living Seas because I haven’t ridden the new version =)

WYR attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party?


Attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. WYR… in which Incredibles you want to be for Halloween Dash or Violet.



WYR eat at Cosmic Rays or Pecos Bills?


eat at Cosmic Ray WYR… Which Incredibles you want to see Mr.Incredible or Violet.


Mr. Incredible. I like Violet, but I don’t know how dynamic she would be in person.

WYR drive around the world or take the bus system?


to take the bus system. WYR…? Which Incredible you like to eat with ElastiGirl Or Mr. Incredible in the disney studios.


elastigirl…most definitely.

WYR…be stuck for one hour mid-ride on a broken down Space Mtn or for one hour strapped down in the dark in Stitch’s Great Escape ?


dark in stitch’s greatest escape. WYR… update for Fantasmic or Illuminations:reflections of Earth.


Illuminations. WYR attend the Hoop-de-Doo or La Nouba?


Hoop-de-Doo, its funnier!

WYR: Backlot Tour or Lights, Motor, Action?


That’s a tough one !

but…Lights , Motors , Action.

WYR …extend the monorail to Downtown Disney or to Animal Kingdom ?


DTD. So much better than buses!!!

Final Destination 3 allowed viewers to decide how a scene would go when it came out on DVD. WYR see this feature on Treasure Planet or the Rescuers?


the rescuers. WYR If Mickey Mouse i likes join up with the incredibles which powers does Mickey will have? A power of Magic or power of fire.


Power of magic…he is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

If you could become part of an attraction at Magic Kingdom, WYR ride on the magic carpet in Mickey’s Philharmagic or fly with Peter Pan in the Peter Pan ride?


Fly on the magic carpet in MP

WYR the original POC theming or the updated POC theming with Jack Sparrow?


the new theming…

wyr - 20000 leagues or ariel’s grotto?


20,000 leagues

wyr…mike fink’s keel boats or davy crockett’s canoes ?


Davy Crocket Canoes

WYR eat Disney Pretzels or a Disney Rice Crispy


disney rice crispy

wyr - alfredo’s or mama melrose’s


mama Melrose

WYR eat @ Crystal palace or Hoop dee Doo.