Would you rather...?


Crystal Palace. We have reservations for our first breakfast there in December!! I tried the breakfast pudding at Grad Nite at it was awesome!!!

WYR have dinner at a restaurant in a park or in a hotel?



Hotel, its more relaxed…

WYR: Malestorm or El Rio del Tiempo?


another tough one…but Rio del Tiempo.

WYR Hall of Presidents at MK or The American Adventure at EPCOT ?


American Adventure

WYR eat @ Mexico at San Angel or @ UK at Rose and Crown?


Wow…another toughie!!!

UK at Rose and Crown because we have never ate there (beyond grabbing a quick fish and chips)

WYR eat a pastry from the Patisserie in France or Baklava from Tangierine Cafe in Morocco?


Eat a pastry from the Patisserie in France. WYR… our family will fly to orlando which airline our family will take Southwest or United.


Southwest…never had a problem with them.

WYR…eat at Ohana’s or Kona?


O’Hana’s…and the flame pit !!!

WYR O’Hana’s for character breakfast or evening meal ?


O’Hana’s for character breakfast…you don’t pass up a chance to eat with Mickey.

WYR be stuck on Tom Sawyer’s Island or on The Jungle Cruise?


The Jungle Cruise (I get a riot out of it)

WYR…a suite at a moderate or a basic room at a deluxe resort?


sorry double question.


a basic room in deluxe resort. WYR… If Mickey Mouse is captured and tied up bound, gagged and blindfolded by the evil Dr.drakken and Shego Which device will Dr. Drakken and Shego to put tied up Mickey Mouse inside the box and dropped into the water with hungry sharks Or strapped Mickey Mouse to the freeze ray. I hope Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable will save Mickey Mouse in time.


Get lost in the MGM parking lot, or get lost in the MK parking lot?


MGM…I think I could find my way out of there. Not so sure about the MK.

WYR climb the Matterhorn or Expedition Everest?


Expedition Everest

WYR go to the park every day or have a relaxed trip?


The park everyday!! Though my family would not be happy, they say I walk there legs off now!!

WYR see the Utilidors or the Apartment in the Castle (new for Year of A Million Dreams)?


the Apartment. I want to have a job in the MK one day so I will be able to see the Utilidoors then.

WYR see the Utilidoors or one of the company “suites” in the attractions?


Company “suites”. Saw the Utilidoors on the tour!

WYR go to the spa at the Grand Floridian or at the Dolphin?


Mmm, Grand Floridian. I bet they spoil you in a way only Disney can =)

WYR have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s to watch the monorail go by or at the Crystal Palace to walk down Main Street when it is almost empty?


eat breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. WYR Staying late in Epcot Or Magic Kingdom.