Would you rather...?


Magic Kingdom. WYR get a walk through tour of DLR’s Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean?


HM. It was the original! To see the grim grinning ghosts and Leona…wow!

WYR have a huge bouquet of flowers or a basket of treats waiting in your room when you arrived?



When you stay at the Grand Floridian they do actually leave chocolates on the bed each day after turning down your room. Luxury.

WYR free tickets to Mickey’s Halloween or Very Merry Xmas ?



Mickey Bars or Turkey Legs?


Mickey Bars. Turkey puts you to sleep and I don’t want to waste a minute at the World!

WYR adopt Mickey or Pluto into your family?


i would adopt Mickey into our family. WYR do adventures with the incredibles or to be in the parade.


Be in the parade!!!

WYR stay on-property in the All-Stars or at Universal in Portofino Bay?



WYR work at Splash or BTMRR?


to work in splash. WYR to see new Dream along with Mickey or Cinderellabration.


Dream Along with Mickey.

WYR have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s or the Crystal Palace?


Crystal Palace, absolutely!

WYR do to World of Disney in New York City, or World of Disney in Lake Buena Vista?


New York because I have never been there. Of course, I would have to see Tarzan on Broadway =)

Which would you rather have in your room hotel room every day: fresh flowers or Disney snacks?


Disney snacks! Save a little $$$ at the parks…

WYR have dessert at Boma buffet, or ice cream at Beaches & Cream?


ice cream at beaches and Cream

Be stuck on Its a small World or the Pooh ride?


Pooh ride. Bouncy bouncy =)

WYR listen to Belle read a story or participate in the former removal of the Sword in the Stone?


to participate in the former of the Sword in the stone. WYR The evil bank robbers tied up Mickey Mouse to the power keg. Which will you take with you to save Mickey Mouse from the power keg a pocket knife or a sharp scissors to cut the ropes.


Oh, a pocket knife… I use scissors all the time!

Would you rather be put inside the PoC jail cell, or sit in the lobby of the ToT?


Lobby of TOT!

Bring back 20,000 Legues or Mr. Toad?


Mr. Toad, without a doubt!

Would you rather eat someones leftover food taken from the trash at Pinochhio’s Village Haus, or drink a glass of water that you scooped up from It’s A Small World?


OMG ~ what an insane question LOL

Lesser of the evils ~ i’d take the trash LOL

Ultimate fasspass for MK or MGM?