Would you rather...?


I would definitely take the Ultimate fastpass for MK

Stay @ grand floridian or Polynesian


Grand Floridian

WYR extend MK , AK , EPCOT or MGM ?


Epcot because it is my favorite place. WYR which nighttime entertainment what to see update it Fantasmic or illumnations:reflections of earth


Refelctions of Earth

WYR Ride the Carousel of Progress of It’s a Small World for 24 hours?

Gotta love those cathy songs.


DisneyFreak78 you spell reflections wrong. here is the correct spelling Reflections. ride the Cop for 24 hours. WYR which place does Mickey Mouse will be tied to the powerkeg or pile of dynomite.



WYR swim at Blizzard Beach in February or stand in the center of the MK wearing three layers of clothes in July?


swim in blizzard beach. WYR who can captured Mickey Mouse and tied up Mickey Mouse to the powerkeg? Pete or Captain hook.


Thank you very much, that was dynamite. I guess I just transposed the two letters.


Pete will captured Mickey and tied up Mickey Mouse to the powerkeg. WYR which place you like to stay? Pop Century or All Star Resort.


Pop Century because it is newer.

WYR see the MK Christmas parade or Wishes fireworks?


wishes fireworks.WYR to play in disney quest or Espn zone.


tough choice… not my faves. But I guess I’d go with DQ.

WYR have a Cuban Sandwich at the Commissary, or an Earl’s Club at Earl of Sandwich?


Cuban Sandwich. I want to see if Disney can do it right :slight_smile:

WYR have dessert at the Contemporary or Grand Floridian?



WYR stay @ Contemporary or Poly?


Contemporary. It’s my dream.

WYR have Stitch or the Cheshire Cat as a pet?


What’s a “cathy” song? :huh:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Love ya Vern!


Stitch. The Cheshire Cat scared me when I was a kid… Anyway.
WYR eat at Liberty Tree or Crystal Palace?


I have never been to either but we chose crystal palace for Pooh bear this trip!

WYR- Have 10 days at just WDW or break it between the cruise and power pound the parks? (this was an internal debate that I actually pondered today)


The parks with a 4 night cruise!! The cruises are awesome!!!

Would you rather… Stay at Cinderella’s suite (WDW) or Mickey’s suite(DL)!

By the way you will LOVE CP!!


Cinderella’s Suite!!

Would you rather stay at the All Star Sports, or the All Star Movies?