Would you rather...?


All Star Sports. It’s the only Disney resort I have ever stayed at.

WYR stay one night in Cinderella’s suite or get a forever pass to WDW?


Holy cow… free pass forever of course!

For your sweet tooth:
WYR eat Tonga Toast for breakfast, or Zebra Domes for dessert?


Tonga Toast…I have always wanted to try it :slight_smile:

WYR spend a week with the Imagineers of a movie or those for a new ride?


spend a week with the Imagineers those for a new ride. WYR in a voice of a disney cartoon which you be a villain or a hero.


I’d rather be the voice of a hero :slight_smile:

WYR attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas or the Candlelight Processional?


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. WYR if you could have a to yourself and family for 4 hs MK or AK.


Has to be MK.

WYR Park Hop or stay at one Park all day ?


Parkhop totally.

Go to MK and only ride Space Mountain OR only ride POTC.


I have been a POTC fan for 28 years. So POTC all the way. WYR only be able to go to the rope drop and stay 3hrs or the last 3 hrs of the day.


The last 3 hrs of the day…can’t get DH out of bed too early

WYR…stay in the castle suite at WDW or stay in Walt’s apartment at DL?


Walt’s Apartment. I love WDW, but the history in that room would be priceless.

WYR have a private ride on the Kilimanjaro Safari or one day Fastpass for an entire park?


Fastpass for the whole day.

If you could go back in time WYR attend the Grand Opening of Disneyland or the Grand Opening of WDW ?


WDW it was not even close to selling out and DL was over sold.
WYR if you could only do one thing spend the day with the artist for the next animation movie or the day on the set of the next POC movie.


A day with the animator. Watching those images and characters taking shape would be thrilling.

WYR lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner or at Mama Melrose ?


Sci-Fi Diner. I have always wanted to eat there, but never remember for some reason.

Would you rather see “Ratatouille” or “Meet the Robinsons” (these are future Disney cartoons)?


Ratatouille looks excellent!

Would you rather ride BLINDFOLDED on Expedition Everest or RocknRollerCoaster?


R’n’R…don’t want to miss the views on Everest.

WYR ride the rapids when it’s warm and rainy or sunny but cold ?


Warm and rainy. I hate being cold!

Would you rather see Mickey’s Philharmagic or It’s Tough to be a Bug?


Philharmagic…TTBABug is good but PHM is exceptional.

WYR ride Dinosaur or Ellen’s Universe of Energy ?


Ellen’s Universe of Energy, can’t pass up a classic!

WYR get stuck on The Great Movie Ride or It’s a Small World?