Would you rather...?


Definitely the Great Movie Ride…
WYR see Space Mountain with the lights on or Rock n Roller Coaster with the lights on?


Another tough choice…but Rock’n’Roller with the lights on might be quite revealing.

WYR get a movie based on a ride or get a ride based on a movie ?


ride based on a movie

WYR Disney get rid of Jungle Cruise or bring back 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?


—bring back 20,000 leagues. They really could do a great Little Mermaid thing with it!!!

—pineapple whip or frozen lemonade???

Yummmmmm to both!!!


Pineapple Whip.

WYR…Barbosa or Davy Jones or none at all.


Id on’t get your question Rob but i think your askin would you rather be barbosa or davy jones I would say barbosa.
would you rather be stuck on tom sawyer island because the boats broke and couldn’t get across
or be stuck in the robinsons tree house because the bridges broke?


You’re right DIS …that’s what I meant to write.

As for your question ( a good one too ) I’d rather be stuck on Tom Sawyer’s Island. Aunt Polly’s is still there right ? I loved those chicken " picnics".

WYR bring back TerroRestrial or keep Stitch’s Escape ?


Thanks rob! I would rather have terroRestrial! no offence but I didn’t like the stitch’s great escape. (good question too)
WYR…never have a Dole whip again or eat cherros the whole time your at disney?


I’d say never have a Dole Whip again since I’ve never had one before.

Okay, my turn:

Would you rather be stuck behind someone during the Christmas parade and not being able to see it, or would you rather stand in line for Space Mountain with the end of the line starting in Frontier Land?


Me, too!!!


I think i would rather be stuck behind someone during the Christmas Parade and not be able to see it…I HATE STANDING IN LINES! And my family and I are the masters of not standing in long lines and being able to ride everything we want before noon!

WYR Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom or American Adventure at Epcot?


I think the American Adventure at EPCOT is best.


Have a Parade back at EPCOT or not have one ?


not have one

would you rather have to wait to ride space mountain for 6 hours or have terrible food service ??


I’d have bad restaurant service ( so long as the food was good ) rather than wait all day for Space Mtn.

WYR strolling characters or dedicated character areas ?


Strolling characters. I remember meeting Roger Rabbit that way years back and it was the highlight of my trip.

WYR a new land in Animal Kingdom be fantasy-animal based, or real life like Africa and Asia?


Real-life. Let’s see them do an Antarctica version. That would be awesome.

There are three resorts that were originally planned for the monorail loop which were never built. WYR have seen them build the Asian, Persian or Venetian themed resort?

BTW, for more info, visit Jim Hill : Why For did WDW’s Asian, Venetian and Persian resorts never get built?


Tyffni ,

That’s a really interesting ( and good ) proposal to open up an Antarctica area at AK.
I like it that idea.

As for the theming for a new resort on the monorail link I think you should put it onto a thread of it’s own and it’ll open up some fun debates.

For now though I’m going to opt for a Persian Resort simply because we don’t have anything like it yet at WDW.

WYR be locked in overnight and alone at MK at Halloween or Christmas ?


Definitely at Christmas.

WYR get a chance to stay in the new castle suite for one night or meet Walt for one hour?


Oh to have 60 minutes with the great man himself…Wow !

WYR expand Downtown Disney or Boardwalk


the boardwalk

WYR eat stay at the Dophin or The Polynesian??