Would you rather...?


The poly for sure

WRY. Spend the day at the food and wine fest. in Epcot or go to MK for the MNSSHP??


Well if I can’t do both then I’ll go for MNSSHP.

WYR add a new Country to World Showcase or take one away ?


Add a new country like Sweden or Austria

WYR be in Disney in the poring rain or The perfect day at the beach??


Definitely at Disney in the pouring rain.

WYR keep the EPCOT wand or Remove it ( as that’s what they’re doing ) ?


Epcot wand staying up!

WYR go through IASW all night or SplashM over and over


It would be too small a world to ride that all night but Splash is fun fun fun fun fun.


WYR Keep Tom Sawyer’s Island as it is or let the Pirates take over ?


Even though I am not much of a Mark Twain fan, I love the island as is. However, that’s not to say I would not be open to a NEW attraction. Hmmm…maybe where the old 20000 Leagues was, there could be a giant pirate ship/playground. Take out Pooh’s Playful Spot.

WYR visit WDW and run into Johnny Depp or Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)?


Miley Cyrus!! I think she seems really nice.

WYR Be in a movie or have your own album?


Be in a movie. The movie stars seem to do a little better for some reason.

WYR see Disney Quest stay or see it turned into an ESPN Club? (I believe that is what is happening at the start of 2008, but it has been a while since I heard that mentioned.)


Disney Quest all the way!!!

WYR ride EE, or RnRC???


Only because I’ve ridden RnRC many more times I’m going for EE. But ONLY for that reason !

WYR extend the monorail to include Downtown Disney or one of the Resorts ( like AKL ) ?


[COLOR=“DarkRed”]WOW! It would be great to have both,huh? LOL But, unfortunately, since money’s an issue with staying at a deluxe resort, I’d vote for having the monorail go to DTD.

In Epcot, WYR there be a new country added to world showcase, or have a new ride/attraction built in Dino-land?[/COLOR]


First of all…I’d like to welcome MK.Rat to MouseBuzz.

I’d like to see another attraction at EPCOT although we have had one or two suggestions for adding another country to the showcase.

WYR have an affordable segway system at EPCOT ( complete with dedicated pathways) or some moving walkways to “take the load off” ?


Segway all the way!!! Woot woot!

WYR see Disney add a bowling alley (Disney style of course) or a grand prix race track (picture something between the Richard Petty experience and the Tomorrowland Speedway)?


[QUOTE=Rob Parsons]First of all…I’d like to welcome MK.Rat to MouseBuzz.

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Thank you, Rob Parsons!!! I love being here! :mickey:
I[COLOR=“Navy”]'d vote for the bowling alley…I’m not much into cars and racing.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Indigo”]WYR go to Typhoon Lagoon, or Blizzard Beach, and why.[/COLOR]


Typhoon Lagoon - It’s more family oriented, lines aren’t as long, moore fun things to do.
WYR spend a spooky night in the Haunted Mansion or in ToT?


I would rather stay in HM. The ghosts are friendly :slight_smile:

WYR see Disney allow smoking in the rooms again or pets?


Smoking in designated rooms is ok with me…(I find bringing a pet to WDW would be hard…after all, I spend all day at the parks, and it wouldn’t be fair to the pet to leave them alone all day in a strange room.)

If it happens to rain one day WYR put your parka on and continue your Disney adventure by going to the planned park, or stay in your room until the rain passes???


Definitely throw on a plastic rain cover and just carry on. ( Actually in June 2000 it rained almost all day every day for 2 weeks and we didn’t miss a thing. In fact everyone at the Parks seemed to be in a gung-ho mood which made it loads of fun )

WYR update the Jungle River Cruise or update MuppetVision or both ? ( are we allowed a 3 way vote ?)


update muppetvision. WYR updated the contemporary or Polynesian Resort