Would you rather...?


Well, they actually have both relatively been renovated or are in the process. I think the Polynesian needs patios in the upstairs rooms, so I am going to say Poly.

WYR have a week at Disney and be sick everyday or spend a week during Christmas when the wait for attractions can easily be 3 hours?


I’d rather be at WDW for Christmas. Anyway the lines are only ridiculous for Christmas Day. When we went all the other days were like a busy summer’s day.

WYR have longer magic hours or free food for the day ?


Free Food

WYR be shut down for 30 min. on Dinosaur where the dinosaur keeps jumping up or Haunted MAnshion where a ghost keeps popping up??


definitely Haunted Mansion where the ghost keep popping up…that Dinosaur looks too real…that would be horrifying.

WYR plan your Disney vacation by making reservations months in advance or just leave on a whim and go at the last minute (if there is availability)?


Plan with ADR’s

WYR Sleep in Cindy’s Castle for a night or have the whole park 2 ur self for 24 hours??


Sleep in Cinderella’s Castle. I think part of the park magic is actually sharing it with everyone there.

WYR attend a movie premier at WDW or attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas?


I’d rather attend a movie premier 'cause that could mean Johnny Depp might be there, oh, and a movie premier you get to dress nice!


I guess I’ll post a new question…WYR have a private meal in a restaurant with 100% of the chef’s attention on you or have a special viewing cruz of one of the nightime shows (Reflections of Earth or the MK fireworks)?


special viewing

Would you rather hang out with Captain Hook or Smee??


Hook ( for laughs )

WYR Hoop-de-Doo or Backyard BBQ ?


WYR Cinderellas Royal Table or Liberty Tree Tavern


cinderellas royal table

shop or trade pins?



WYR have free hotel stay for life or free park tickets for life?


Hotel stay for life. Tickets are so much cheaper.

WYR attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or the Food and Wine Festival?


Very Merry Christmas!

Kitchen Cabaret or Food Rocks? (If you could bring one back and not displace Soarin’)


Food Rocks

Which would you like to ride backwards Matterhorn or Splash Mountain ?


Not being familiar enough with the Matterhorn, I would say Splash Mountain.

WYR attend the wedding of Mickey and Minnie or Cinderella and Prince Charming?


Cinderella and Prince Charming :wub:

Genie or Tinkerbell


Genie…a laugh a minute. As much as I love Tink, I would be afraid of ticking her off!

WYR have the Cheshire Cat or Pluto as your pet?


Cheshire Cat-- I love cats

WYR go to Disneyland Tokyo or Disney Hong Kong?