Would you rather...?


Tokyo Disneyland because I want to see DisneySea!

WYR see Epcot’s Soarin’ stay the same or change to something more global?


Global, though I’d rather see something Florida-specific, like this fan-created Soarin’ Over Florida on YouTube.

Beast as the Beast, or Beast as the human prince?


Beast as Beast. It is how we truly know him after all.

WYR see the Disney Store remain operated by the Children’s Store or see it return to Disney’s operation?


return to Disney

would you rather see Ariel as a princess or a mermaid?


As a mermaid.

WYR wear Universal Studios clothing to WDW or ride the tea cups 5 times in a row?


Oops. Repost


I did once end up at MK wearing a Universal T so to even things up the next time I went to IOA I wore my Splash Mtn shirt.

So I’ll go for that rather than ride those spinning cups.

WYR free car parking or improved transportation ?


improved transportation since I never use a car down there

WYR see The Festival of the Lion King or The Voyage of The Little Mermaid?


Festival of the Lion King for sure.

If you couldn’t spend the day at WDW would you rather go on the Boggy Creek Airboats or have a day on the beach ?


I would rather be stuck on the Jungle cruise. At least you can block out the dumb jokes. In Small World, you listen to the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I get sick of Small World just going through it once.


At the beach. The airboats just don’t thrill me since I live so close the Everglades.

WYR dine at the California Grill or Citrico’s?


Calafornia Grill for sure!!

Ride by yourself on Mansion or TOT?


The Mansion… I need someone to hold on to on the TOT.

Hoop Dee Doo or Poly Luau???


The Luau…assuming it is cooler weather of course :slight_smile:

If you only had one day, WYR spend an entire day in Epcot or Animal Kingdom?


Oh god. Epcot. I don’t think I could do AK for an entire day.

WYR stay at FW Cabins or FW resort?


Resort. I think I would feel more pampered.

WYR attend Star Wars weekends or Super Soap weekend.


Star Wars weekend, I don’t watch any soaps.

Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s or the Crystal Palace?


The Crystal Palace. There is nothing like being in the park with very few people there.

WYR see Disney allow pets or smoking in some rooms?


Allow pets… the smell of smoke makes me sick
WYR have extra magic hours in the morning or at night?


In the morning. I get up early anyway and I am usually too tired in the evening.

Epcot has just opened one morning. WYR get fast passes to Soarin’, Mission Space, or Test Track?