Would you rather...?


Ooh I wanna play: Test Track please!

Would you rather do MVMCP or The Halloween Party (don’t know the official name, sorry)?


Well if I can’t do both then I’ll go for Mickey’s Christmas. It’s so good with the “snow” falling and the atmosphere is fantastic.

WYR have priority seating at Fantasmic or a day’s fastpass at the WDW Park of your choice?


Oooo, Good question. Day’s fastpass because I’m usually too tired for the fireworks, etc. If I wasn’t too tired, I would have time to sit and wait from using my fastpasses! hehe

WYR attend ESPN the Weekend, Star Wars weekends, or Super Soap weekend at MGM?


Star Wars Weekend!

Tinkerbell as a mascot or like one of the princesses?


Mascot. Personally, I’m horrified at the idea that they are trying to create a meet-n-greet for Tink. I think the inability to meet her adds to her mystery.

WYR ride the green or orange track at Mission Space?


I’m in a ‘green’ sort of mood today, I have been known to be brave enough for the orange side though. :laugh:

OK, would you rather be a DVC member or have free dining for 50 years?


Assuming it is free like the dining, I would rather be a DVC member. I rarely stop for more than a quick service meal, so I would save more money with the DVC.

WYR eat 10 turkey legs or 20 dole whips?


20 dole whips. too much meat makes me feel sick.

cloudberry horn or school bread?


cloudberry horn

WYR eat at LeCellier or Kona Cafe???


Kona Cafe. I am dying to try Tonga Toast! I just wish I could try it as desert. I tried something similar for breakfast that I made myself and it was VERY rich!

WYR see a roller rink or a bowling alley added to DTD?


a roller rink
WYR ride Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster


rock n roller coaster

WYR eat appetizer or dessert at Lecellier


WYR stay at pop or movies?


Pop. Newer, cleaner. It just felt less like a standard motel.

WYR shop at the Disney Store or online?


Disney Store
WYR go to DL or WDW


WDW. So much to see and do!

WYR visit DTD or the Boardwalk?


Well, either way, I think I would take hemlock with me. :slight_smile: