Would you split your stay?


OK, we are going HOME in August for the first time to SSR and can’t wait. However, since we are going for 12 nights I have been wondering if maybe we should split our time between SSR and say BWV or BCV. I was thinking like 7 nights at SSR and then move to BCV for the last 5 nights to see another resort and be closer to the parks. Any opinions?


I was going to say no… but for such a long trip? Maybe. It’d be fun to try out different places.

It’s for the short trips that I don’t understand resort hopping. I want to move in, get settled, and stay! :laugh:


Thanks for your view Andrea. I agree, on short stays staying put is the way to go but with 12 days… Another thing is that we are very excited about being DVC members and want to experience as much as possible as soon as possible (this is mostly me as I need my Disney fix NOW!!!). DW even said today that this sounds like a great idea.


I have split my stay oonly once and found it to be a pain. I didn’t stay as long as you however, so the interruption in my trip was a bit more annoying. You should try it. You are there enough days to take a total off day to move. Go for it.


I would NOT split my trip if it was LESS THAN 8 nights but since you are staying 12 nights I could see splitting between SSR and BWV. I would just make sure that if you have your luggage ready that they will move it for you.

Are you new DVC members? I just joined in January and we are VERY excited too. Hey, we just might be neighbors in August!! We will be at BWVs from the 19th-26th! YAY!


Sure! I think splitting the stay is a great idea. I’d take any oppotunity to stay in an Epcot resort. SSR is a nice resort, but it’s light years away from the parks and that can be a real pain if you’re devoted park-goers.


As with all the other responders I would normally say NO ! But with such a long stay… maybe.
By the way Im a DVC member from 1998 so I know how you feel.That being said, you will be back to Disney MANY times so you can try a differnt resort each time. Wilderness Lodge Villas are my favorite sooooo, Id say give that a try next.


I’d be againt that, but with such a long trip planned it’s perfect!


I would split my stay if I went on a trip that long. Each place is so different, it would be like two vacations in one!


Split your stay! We stayed 13 days last summer and changed resorts half way through. It was easy, we packed up and had our bags tagged and out of our room before we left for the day. Once we were ready for a break we headed to our new resort. It took maybe an hour of our vacation for the move to pack, totally worth it since we had a long stay. You could even pack a suitcase for the first part of your stay and leave one packed for the second part of your trip so you have half the clothes to pack.

You can do the other parks while you are at SSR then when you get to BWV or BCV you can spend most of your time at Epcot and MGM since you will be so close.


We toyed wih this idea also. But the repacking/unpacking thought turned us away. We are there for 8 nights. We want to settle in, relax and have no more planning or worries.


Thanks everyone for the info. It appears it is unanimous, with a longer trip this should be A-OK. I would not event think of doing this on a short trip but since we are planning a down (no parks) day, why not? Also, being new to the DVC why not see two resorts on this trip and maybe another next year. Now I have to see if there will be availability at BCV from August 19 to the 25th. Thanks again everyone! :wub:


I agree, I want to settle in and go, but if I was staying that long, I just might do two! We are new DVC members too and cant wait until October. We are going to stay at home (SSR) but we really want to stay at the Beach Club too! Maybe the next visit!


I agree with the rest of the crowd. For such a long stay, I wouldn’t have a problem resort hopping. But I guess it depends on how “settled” you like to get once you’re in the room.

But I would totally do it!


I would hate to loose most of a day moving, even with a 12 night stay. But that’s just me.:smile:


Well, here’s the deal. Called and actually got strait through to Member services today to inquire about the posibility of changing. BCV was “no availability and a long wait list” so I asked to be put on the list. Then I thought why not ask about BWV and Josh at member services informes me that there is preferred view availability for my requested time. I jumped on it. Not exactly where I wanted but a short walk to EPCOT can never be looked at as settling in my eyes.

Now being new to the DVC can anyone give me some details on BWV? I can really feel the excitement building now. Please fuel the fire by telling me all about BWV.


OMG!!! YAY!!! That is great news!


I would do it in a heartbeat but then again I don’t really view moving as a big headache. I would want to see and experience other resorts.


We split out stay last summer … However it was between SSRS and Vero. We had a great time except all the packing up. My wife had the idea of SSRS first and all the up tempo of WDW and then moving to VBR to some down time.


mjs1902, so how did you like Vero? Never really considered it an option but who knows.