Would you take your 2 year old on the cruise?


I have one simple question. Would you take your 2 year old (almost 3) on the cruise? I am very worried since he will not be able to go to the kid’s decks as part of the clubs. He also will probably not be potty trained at the pace we are on! :whistling


Personally, no. My sister took her 2 year old when we went in March. That worked fine for her, since my mother and father were there, along with several sisters and sister in law who do not have kids. So, there were plenty of baby sitters for her. I think the baby did fine, it wasn’t hot, but they definitely spent more time in their room than the rest of us. I would suggest you wait, unless you go in with the understanding that the time in the nursery will be limited.


Personally, no here also. We are former cruisers, and felt that a cruise just wasn’t the place for us once we had a very little one.
We are going on a Disney Cruise next April when our littlest one will be 4.


hmm very good question. I am planning a Disney cruise for Sept 05 and my DS will just have turned 3. I am a very protective parent anyway so I see little problem with him being with us enjoying all there is to see and do. BTW we are only doing the 3 day cruise so it should work out fine.


We took our two sons last october for the Halloween cruise. They were 2 and 6. WE HAD A BLAST!. This was our 1st cruise and had no idea what to expect. The staff, the ship, everything was fantastic.

Our oldest could not stay out of the Oceanears club…heloved it. And for the 2 year old, we put him in Flounders twice, an hour each. We felt very comfortable in doing this, and had a wonderful dinner.

We did not stay in our room or anything silly, we just had fun. We did not make every midnight buffet or close the clubs, but as a family we loved it and planning the Christmas cruise now for 2004!!

Hear is a picture of my son’s “on board” love…


Great pictures!


A simple question demands a simple answer. NO!

You will be paying a lot for this cruise and there is every likelihood that taking your 2 year old will spoil it for you. He won’t be old enough to enjoy it anyway. Leave him with the grandparents. That’s what grandparents were invented for!


I think we have decided that as much as we want to go, it would be better to wait until 2006 when the baby is 3 1/2 or 4 and potty-trained. Thanks everyone! :flowers:

Maybe we’ll try a beach week at the Hilton Head DVC to compliment our annual trip to WDW. :whistling


Everyone is different, but to me a family vacation is the whole family. I personally would have waited a while on the cruise, my daughter was 7 on her first cruise.


Skwak…thanks for asking that question! I just saw the DVC points charts for the cruises for 2005 & they went up considerably! We were planning on going on a 7 ny eastern Carribean cruise in 2005 but my youngest will just turn 2. So then we thought we’ll go when she’s 5, but when I saw how many pts. it will be just for next year…we decided to go in 2006. My Dd will be 3 that June. Are you going to wait until your child is 2 or 3? We’re trying to decide either 2005 or 2006.