Wow! Halloween OUT, Christmas IN!


This is REALLY cool!! :wub:
Video Link


OMG thats fantastic:heart:


WOW, that is SO cool! I love when they show these transformations.


wow, very cool stuff


Very cool and a lot of businesses can take a clue from Disney on how to work together


Very cool…


I so wish to someday see Disney at Christmas!


That was so cool!


Sooooooooooooo Disney!


I cannot get that to work. The page comes up, but nothing… I tried it yesterday too, and the same thing happened…


I love it!!!


Oh I love that time lapsed stuff, so fun to watch!!


Great Video - the time lspse videos are great


It’s amazing how they do what they do.


Fun!!! I always, unfortunately, seem to forget about all the cast members that work so hard overnight to keep the place looking perfect for us in the daytime! They do an AMAZING job!!!


I agree, that is pretty cool.
Thanks for the site.


Yes this is really cool. I would love to plan a trip at this time of the year to see Halloween stuff the the 1st half and the Christmas stuff the 2nd half. :fork_off:/:tinytree:


What an amazing transformation! Done as only Disney can. We just got back from a weekend trip, and saw the Magic Kingdom at Christmas for the first time. All I can say is WOW. Pictures do it no justice.


Very true. You have to see Disney in person to get the full effect


That is amazing!! I wish we could re do our garden that quickly lol