Wow, how you have changed


On facebook it’s “Retro” week, so I thought it would be fun to start a thread here! :happy:

Only on this thread we need to post ONLY DISNEY related “old” photos! :happy: (I know we’ve done this before in various ways, but we need some RETRO DISNEY around here, don’t you agree?) :laugh:

I found this old postcard of Pooh! Boy has he CHANGED!!

And this OLD one of me too! :laugh::laugh:


This was during my first ever trip to WDW, in '83, I was just a couple months shy of turning 5.

I ABSOLUTELY fell in loooooove with the carousel horses. The one with the red roses cascading down it’s neck was always my favorite. :heart:


This was a little later in life, age 14. Notice, I still always had a camera in hand. :laugh:


Too cute! I remember when the characters would be dressed like the country they were at!!

Wouldn’t it be SO COOL if for the 40th anniversary they pulled out all these “retro” costumes . . . I would LOVE that!! :wub:


Love your retro photos! I have to dig out some of my older ones, too.


1986 … And I had hair !!!
A little back story to this pic… I know I might have told it a time or two.
A buddy of mine decided to drive to Florida for the weekend, In short I said “Hey let’s hit WDW”, We showed up for the day. As we were walking I made the comment how you never see Mickey when your here … and Walla - He was right behind me. I have another pic before this one that shows me looking like I’d seen a ghost. I have yet to find it.


Well… is 1992 considered retro??? :laugh:

Not at Disney, but look at my friend!!!