Wow i got a pin


I feel like I won the lottery, lol. I check my email today and I have a pin for 20%, 30%, or 40% off my hotel. When I look at the dates when it is good it falls at the same time as when I will be there with my kids. So I call and the change it for me and though I only save $117. that’s still better than nothing. I think I just feel in love more with Disney. lol


Good for you! Let’s see …$117 will buy about 30 mickey bars…you’re set for the week. :happy:


Congrats! Feels great to get them.
We just checked out of SoG the other day and found a little goodie slid under our door- a coupon for a free nights stay by May 27. That’s $125.
We’re planning on going back next year but not sure yet if it’ll be at the end of school or after July4. If it’s the first one we’ll be able to use it. YooHoo!


Congratulations - I’m still waiting for a PIN, eventually it will come


Out of curiosity, what are the dates on your pin code? Is it a range of dates throughout 2010? I’m trying to gauge what the bounceback might be when I’m there in 5 weeks time so we can be prepared to book it. Last year I got a pin code in October and the bounceback that was in the room in December was exactly the same as the pin code.


yes there was different dates on it.