Wow, I won a prize in the Chicken Little Game


Well, it wasn’t a trip to WDW, but I won a $10 gift card to!

I never win anything on any game or sweepstakes! I play this game everyday, and I’ve used the code you get if you don’t win for disneyshopping atleast 3 times already! I can’t believe it too, I just spent another $175 bucks yesterday on my latest disneyshopping order, and I had to win the card today??? Oh well, more shopping must be done!


i got a 10% off coupon when i played the game. i’m gonna use it for my next order. congrats on the card. that’s cool.


Congrats to you. that’s awesome. Every dollar helps during the holidays. :heart:


What game is this? Where is it at? I’ll play when we go to WDW in December.



that is so great !! it may not be much …but it is something


Congratulations, I am glad that someone won something other than the 10% off. Every dollar helps during christmas time.


Great! Cavey plays everyday. Hasn’t won anything yet.


Hmmmm… I’ll have to check this out when I get home. Unfortunately, the Air Force has a lot of shopping sites blocked on it’s computers, and this is one of them that is blocked…

Congrats on the win…