Headed to Disney at the end of the month and my parents just informed us that they are TREATING us to Disney!!! Wow, what an awesome surprise!! I was thinking about doing something special for them one night while we are there-I need suggestions since I have not been there in 14 years. It doesn’t necessarily have to be food oriented, just something special as a thank you!!! :flowers: :mickey: :smile:


How about some flowers waiting for your parents in their room…


WOO HOO! That’s the nicest surprise ever!!!
How about an Illuminations cruise, if you could get one?


Wow, what a great surprise!!! I agree with the cruise idea…that would be fun!


My inlaws just treated us to room & tickets (we paid for our own food). They were not originally going with us, so I talked them into coming for one night (they are Orlando residents) and bought a room-only for one night for them next door to us. They ended up adding another night at their expense… On the other days they just came in the morning and left in the evening. In the long run, they stayed all but one half-day of our 5 day vacation with us, but it was all good…

For their birthdays and valentine’s day I sent them Disney gift certificates to use how they pleased while we were there.

We ended up also paying for one of their meals too …

But I would definitely go the flower/fruit basket route, or possibly even put the disney gift certificates with it…


Wow that is so cool! There are so many things that you could do for them. Just depends on what they are in to, what you would like to spend, etc.

-Illuminations Cruise
-Dinner at California Grill for fireworks
-A photo movie made with all your photo pass pics - the rate right now is $49
-Disney scrapbook - you can buy scrapbooking supplies at Downtown Disney and use your own
-Buy a Disney collage frame and fill

Some of these are post-trip but are great ways to keep the memories!!


What an excellent surprise!


Thanks for the great ideas!! Can anyone tell me more about the illuminations cruise???


here is some more info on the Illuminations cruise.


you could also pay for dinner at victoria and albert’s at the captains table. i think that they can personalize the menu and they also get a copy of what they ate for a souviner.


Wow!!! is right, what a great surprise!! I agree with everyone’s suggestions. I think I would personally do a REALLY nice dinner.


What an awesome treat! I agree with all of the above suggestions.


Have you thought about the family magic tour? Its a lot of fun and should make some good memories. Or how about dinner at California Grill or Narcoosses timed to see Wishes. Both are very special!


The Illuminations cruise would be a great idea except for the fact that it is most assuredly booked up at this late date.