I am not sure if any of this is ture, but some of it would be so super awesome!!! I read this on another disney forum:

"I am posting this only to see the response to some of the plans we got… so I’ll get right to it

Disney Hollywood Studios

  1. Yes American Idol is coming, although the format of the show may be different then what has been published to include a broader range of people.

  2. Additions to Pixar Place are as follow, and in order: Toy Story Mania,

Ratatouille Restaraunt- Buffet style restaurant with oversized set pieces to give you the impression of being small.

Monsters Inc ride- will not be like disneylands, will be more more highly themed, it will almost be a new twist on the omnimover system, it can go really fast, and it can go really slow, it has the ability to pick up speed and drop, so excpect some very new technology to be used on this ride.

Nightmare before christmas Dark Ride - like your traditional dark ride, only it will be in a boat like pirates or small world, big drop may be included.

New Muppets themed ride is in the works, but it’s construction will be pending on the ratings for the new muppet show debuting this fall."


Isn’t American Idol Fox??? Why would Disney endorse a network other than ABC?


Like I said don’t know if its true or not, just passing on some info, but the American Idol thing was on All Ears as well too.

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That’s been all over the boards and from what I’ve seen it may actually be true. Seems strange to me.


Sounds like some cool stuff! Thanks for the post.


Ehhh, I’m not sure how much of this you can really believe. A NBC boat ride would be absolutely AMAZING but I don’t see it happening in WDW. (I hope I eat my words one day b/c I really would love it). Also, do the Hollywood Studios REALLY need another buffet? The Ratatouille restaurant sounds cool but I just don’t see that one happening either. That park needs work on it’s counter service!

And what’s this new Muppets show they are talking about in Fall, you think if it was something debuting in Fall we would have heard about it already.



I agree, I wish they would make these attractions, but probably not going to happen. They would be really neat, I googled muppets show and came up with nothing.


The American Idol thing is happening. There is a news item that the show is owned by an independent production company, so while it is shown on Fox, they can also do the Disney thing.


I found this article:

Disney to Add ‘American Idol’ Attraction - AOL Money & Finance


FOX distributed the Star Wars movies but they have that at the Disney properties. As said these things are independently owned and can basically make new contracts anywhere as long as it does not conflict with previous deals.


This is from the article:

[I]"Disney licensed the rights to create the attraction from “Idol” co-producers 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia, despite the fact “American Idol” airs on Fox and Disney owns broadcast competitor ABC .

“It is owned by us, so we can extend the brand in the off-air space in the ways that we want to,” said Keith Hindle, FremantleMedia’s licensing vice president. “We don’t see this in any way as a NewsCorp. vs. Disney debate. That’s never been part of the discussion, and it’s not something that’s relevant to us. It’s just part of 'American Idol.”’


Apparently my sister who is a Muppets FANATIC …knew there was another muppet show on the block- she did not knwo it was for this fall…