Wreck It Ralph might be a winner!


Disney sent me a link to their November Feature, “Wreck It Ralph.”

Wreck-It Ralph | Official Movie Site | Disney

I wasn’t expecting much. Disney films have been so disappointing the last few years. But this trailer, caught my interest. Here’s hoping…


That looks like a fun movie.


That does look cute. Now it’s off to see Promethius …


ummm, I wonder if I would go to the theater for this


I think my gaming family will be all over this!!


A friend I went to college with (he has a dream job working for Disney Animation) :wub: worked on this project. It looks AWESOME to me, and I can’t wait to see it :happy:


How was it? I’m thinking about going.


It looks like somethikng ds would enjoy.


We saw wreck it ralph today ,in my humble opinion it was a great flick,perfect Disney,I recommend you go see it…


My daughter and my wife LOVED this movie, I keep hearing “too cute, too cute”. My wife said she could see a few Disney attraction ideas in it.