Wreck-It Ralph Reviews


Add yours after you’ve seen the film - if you weren’t planning on it, then I would encourage you to go.

I loved the movie! It was so creative, and so different than anything that has been done in a while. The movie was similar to Toy Story in the what happens when you aren’t being played with concept, but I really enjoyed the bad guy trying to be good plot.

The animation was great. The main characters had strong resemblances to the actors who voiced them (especially Jane Lynch) which was a neat aspect. The creativity in the scenery was wonderful - it was very detailed.

SPOILER ALERT* Highlight if you want to read.
Loved Game Central Station and the concept of traveling through the power cords to the surge protector. Sugar Rush was really cute with the Nesquik Sand and Laffy Taffy. Something I didn’t get because I’m not a gamer but Max enjoyed was that because Vanellope is a glitch, she can get to secret places on the map. And the Turbo ending - I honestly wasn’t expecting that.

I think this is the best animated film that Disney (without the Pixar name) has produced in a long time (some memorable duds were Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little, and Bolt). And I think it has classic potential (which they’ve recognized already by bringing the characters into the park and adding a game to Disney Quest) to earn a place with the Disney and Disney-Pixar masterpieces.

Good job, Disney! :happy:


we’ll be seeing it next weekend i am so excited!


Can’t wait to see it…thanks for the review.

Now I have a bone to pick…I like Meet the Robinsons and Bolt…not great movies but enjoyable.


Took our 4 year old granddaughter last night and the three of us really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too grown up that our granddaughter did not understand it and it was not too elementary for us. Lots of references to some of the old time favorite characters on television. Loved the Oreo…oooo…oooo! I think that had to be my favorite other than the sniffing devil logs. Highly recommend it.


[QUOTE=tigger;1124654]Can’t wait to see it…thanks for the review.

Now I have a bone to pick…I like Meet the Robinsons and Bolt…not great movies but enjoyable.[/QUOTE]

I liked both of those movies, too. But they weren’t big box office hits and didn’t really earn a place in the Disney Parks and merchandise. That’s the contrast I was trying to make between them. I think Wreck-It Ralph will be much more memorable and make more money.


Thanks for the review. I probably won’t get to see it until it comes on Demand, so at least now I know it’s worth renting. :heart:


I’m looking forward to it. I understand what you mean about Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little and Bolt… I didn’t think I’d like Chicken Little but I really ended up liking it, same with Meet the Robinsons. Haven’t seen Bolt yet. But will probably getting that eventually… love my DMR points! LOL


Either way, I think all of the Disney movies are superior to other brands. I might be biased, but I just love their movies.


I took both my daughter 6, and her friend , he’s 8 to see it. They both really enjoyed it. I also was pleasently surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie as well. I would rank it as good as Meet the Robinsons, not as good as The incredibles.

I am really hoping they come out with a game based on the movie. Now that would be so cool and it only seems natural, since it is a movie solely based on gaming.


We saw this movie over the weekend, it was great! I can’t wait for it to come out on blueray.


will be seeing it in the next few days…so far the numbers seem very good and guess what its NOT PIXAR


We saw it on Saturday evening as a double feature at the drive in! We loved it!!! Hotel Transylvania was other part of the double feature.


We thought the movie was really good too! DS8 loved the oreo portion too…he goes around singing it all day.

Great movie!!

I didn’t know they put a game in Disney Quest with this theme. Can’t wait to try it out.


This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best movies Disney has release in a while under any label. Good story, excellent animation, and a moral.