Writer's Stop - I mentioned this in my TR!


And the Disney Food Blog is blogging about it!

It’s an awesome place to visit . . .

Check out the blog for details and LOTS of pictures!!

"Secret Spots: Writer’s Stop
Aug 4th, 2010
by AJ.

This is my favorite place in Disney World. (Well, this and the Carolwood Pacific Room at Wilderness Lodge, but since that doesn’t have any food, I have to defer to Writer’s Stop.) Food…books…writing…it’s everything that I love all tucked away into a corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios… "
Pictures Here


I, my DW, and my DD love this store and go to it every time we are at HS for the coffee and the cookies.


yummmm…the carrot cake cookie is one of my favorite things to get at WDW!!!


I’ll have to try one . . . in 8 days!! :heart:


LOVE the Writer’s Stop!! I’m so glad it’s getting a little publicity on the food blog! :happy:


All my years going to WDW, I have never went into this store. That is why I love Disney, doesn’t matter how many times you go, there is always something “new” to check out on your trip. Putting this one on my list. Thanks for sharing!


36 trips and I’d never been either! We saw a guy with a huge cinnamon bun and asked him where he got it . . . he pointed to here, now we are hooked! Fun place to shop too! :heart:


A few years back they had more books than Disney kitchen stuff. The book selection was wider than anywhere on site. Now they only stock the best sellers. Sad. It’s the “Writers Stop” for crying out loud. Stock things written. :angry: But we still go in every time at HS for the backed goods. And the Carrot Cake Cookie is on of DW’s favorites. It has become a must do.


Hmmm - I don’t like all this publicity The Writer’s Stop is getting.:glare: It’s one of the few little-known places at the Parks, where you can get a fabulous carrot cake cookie AND get away from the crowds for a few minutes. We’ve been stopping in since it was called “Buy the Book” after the old Ellen sit-com. Now the hordes will start flocking in.


That’s how I feel! I am excited to try this “secret” spot in 22 days. Hopefully the word won’t spread that fast!! LOL!


But maybe the attention will let Disney know that people like this place? That they shouldn’t make any plans to take it out or repurpose it?


I have never been there, but that carrot cake cookie looks like it will see me on my next trip!


I promise to get up from my seat and give it to you if you walk in llama. Feel better?:happy:


This is my own little Oasis when at HS! I love this place, its so chilled and relaxed, they usually always have some pretty nice Disney-themed books and it’s a great little nook for jotting down story ideas or updating the TR notes! Its a must do on every trip!


Where exactly is this place located? I have never heard of it. I guess that is what happens when you feel like you know most things and never get a map!


EXACTLY - I’ve missed it in the past…and I’m so glad there is a cool spot to grab a danish and coffee in the morning. We usualy go to the little cafe next to the Brown Derby, and it only has outside seating.

I’m not exactly sure where it is either! Hopefully someone will post…or worst case senario…we will have to get a map next time! :laugh:


It’s right next to SCI-FI. And yes my DW loves the carrot cake also.


Here is the link to my TR, I took pictures! It’s tucked in the corner as you are going down the slope by the NY scene, or right next to Sci Fi, but it’s tucked back a little.

We used to always go to Starring Rolls, but the outside seating in the HOT Fl weather isn’t so fun.