Wrong resort?


Okay, so I just got my reservation confirmation for the family Disney trip over Super Bowl weekend. We’d booked ASMu, as it’s a resort we’d not stayed at before and we’re trying to visit different resorts each trip.

However, when I checked the confirmation, we’re booked for ASMo. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed staying there a few years ago, but we were hoping to try a new resort.

Has anyone ever had this happen? What did you do?


I would call them immediately, and they can probably fix it.


Oh yes call them I would imagine its easily fixed.


Yes…Call them!


Calling them tomorrow morning. Had a couple of things to check on today and wasn’t able to get to it.



Please keep us up dated.


I called this afternoon. Since I’m staying on an airline rate, I’m “inventory restricted.”
They didn’t have rooms in my inventory at All-Star Music, so we’ll stay at All-Star Movies. No problem!


Movies is my favorite anyway, so to me you got the better one! I’ve stayed in both and there’s really not much difference, we just had a better experience at Movies.


Part of me says - we really enjoyed Movies and everything will be fine. When there were only 2 buses running to the 3 All-Stars, we noticed that Movies usually got the dedicated bus, and Sports and Music had to share. My boys wouldn’t get as much out of the theming at Music, either.
On the other hand, I would get more out of the theming at Music. :frown: Plus, it breaks the streak of not repeating a resort.
Guess I’ll just have to go again… :cool: