What Would Mouse Buzzers Do? We have 3 kids (ages 14, 11 and 7) to Disney for a week next year. We have stayed at Deluxe, Moderates and Values. Would you have 2 rooms at a value, 1 room at POR moderate, or 1 room at a Deluxe or rent points? And why?

1 thing to note. . I don’t cook or clean on vacations:blush: Its a vacation from EVERYTHING for me.

So, what would you do? Staying off site I guess is a possibility but (and thats a big BUT) I like the convenience of the transportation ,etc.



Rent points or get a Family Suite at a Value.

You get 1 bedroom for you and your hubby.

Three pull out for the kids!

A small kitchen and two bathrooms.


I would get 2 connecting rooms at a value. You’ll have 2 bathrooms-the most important thing on vacation in my opinion. I don’t cook or clean either, and our kids are about the same age apart as yours, only younger (10, 8 and 5). We usually get 2 connectings at a value so that we have plenty of room for everyone to spread out, kids all get their own bed and 2 bathrooms to get ready. No need for the kitchenette in a suite if you’re not going to cook. Just my take on it. Good luck deciding!


Because youre just sleeping in these rooms , we prefer the value to moderate for the price and Id rent 2 rooms adjoining.


2 rooms at a value. We did 5 in a deluxe until the kids hit their teens. Totally different vacation as we wanted them to have some time to themselves and they really want some time for themselves also. They also enjoy a little freedom and WDW is safe enough to allow them extra time in a park while you enjoy some M&D time (dinner, late nite stroll, etc).

You could also consider renting points. I know rlcarmichael had a post here on MB a week back that he had points for rent. Ask around if anyone has points. A second option is you could also look into RCI points for Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort which is next to the CarBch. It is not a Disney property but access is gained through WDW. We have gotten a 2BR and full kitchen unit for as little as $100 a night. You don’t have WDW transportation from your resort (they do have a shuttle but it runs periodically), but we usually take our car anyway even when staying onsite.


Two rooms at a value. It’s cheaper than the deluxe and has WAYYYYYYY more room than the moderate. You will be super crammed in there. the extra space and the ability to keep the kids in their own room with their own things is going to make the trip much more enjoyable.


Value or rent some points!


I’d do a deluxe with a convertible daybed. The deluxe rooms are pretty big, and you get better ammenities and location (in most cases).

If you rent points, then you’d have to get a two bedroom villa in order to accomodate your family (it sleeps 8) - and that’s a lot of space. Probably more space than you need, since the kitchen won’t be used. The extra space is nice, but you are paying for it. You do get the internet access and free parking, though.

You might add up the cost of renting a deluxe and renting a 2-bedroom villa.


I would do the value resort. I won’t “cook” on vacation either, but I will let DBF make us sandwiches for the morning meal before we head out! Ha! (For that, you only need a fridge to store coldcuts etc.)


I’d go deluxe or rent points for a DVC 1 room suite.


The two rooms at a value makes the most sense financially, but I would consider the room at a deluxe (either the Contemporary or Poly), if it is within your budget. The rooms at the Contemporary are probably the nicest on property, and both resorts are very nice, great amenities, and offer monorail access(which is what would really sell me).


I completely agree, rent points. We are looking to do that next year as a change.


Staying offsite has it’s advantages too. We have a 4 bedroom/3 bath home that we rent out that is only 3.5 miles to Disney. Depending on the time of year, it can be much less than two rooms at a value and would include your own pool and spa and 1800 square feet of living space!:cool:


Well, technically the one-bedroom DVC villas only sleep four.

I believe the studios at AKL/Kidani Village have a daybed and can sleep 5, though. This shouldn’t affect the capacity of the one-bedrooms, though (but it would increase the capacity on some two-bedrooms).


Value. Two bathrooms enough said lol


That’s exactly how DH feels.


Ditto! 2 kids in one room with you can be chaos enough, I don’t think I’d do 3 in the room unless it was the only way possible. The convenience of 2 bathrooms, a door to close when they’re being a little rowdy, and space to spread out when you just have to seperate them for awhile, all point to two rooms at a Value for me.

I totally agree with wanting to be onsite for the transportation, we hate having to use the car, seems too much like the real world for us.


If you have the finances, I’d go with renting points for a 2-Bdrm DVC. The only downside to your “vacation everything” would be the trash & towel service that DVC has…not everyday…so you might have to wash towels (but washers/dryers are included, which could help your packing if you don’t mind doing laundry while there). Otherwise, I agree that the 2 value rooms would be the way to go…enough room to spread out and get some ‘break time’ for/from your kiddos!


Thank you everyone! The majority of you suggest the two rooms at a value. I traveled with my daughter and mom last time and stayed at the beach club and I guess I got a little spoiled. :blush: The previous three trips were at POP and the kids LOVED it. Just missed having a hot tub to sit in at night, but I think the two rooms will be more of a benefit than a hot tub.

Thanks Again - now I just need to wait for the rates to hit in late summer!


What about the family suites? Anyone tried them?